Prof. Zvi Zohar, 2018

Dr. Walker Robins, 2017-2018

Prof. Tali Tadmor-Shimony, 2017-2018

Dr. Shlomit Aharoni Lir, 2017-2018

Prof. André Levy, Anthropology, 2016-2017

Dr. Liron Shani, Anthropology, 2016-2017

Prof. Uri Bialer, History and NEJS 2011, 2014, 2015

Dr. Liora Norwich, Politics 2014-2015

Prof. Tuvia Friling, NEJS 2013-2014

Dr. Shay Rabineau, NEJS 2013-2014

Prof. Yehudah Mirsky, NEJS 2012-2015

Dr. Emily McKee, Anthropology 2012-2013

Prof. Michael Feige, Anthropology 2011

Dr. Michal Ben-Josef Hirsch, Politics and Heller School, 2009-2012

Dr. Yuval Jobani, Near Eastern & Judaic Studies, 2010-2011

Prof. Sammy Smooha, Sociology, 2010

Prof. Maoz Azaryahu, Anthropology, Spring Semester 2010

Prof. Yoram Bilu, Anthropology, Fall Semester 2009

Prof. Benjamin Gidron, Heller School for Social Policy and Management, Hornstein Professional Jewish Leadership Program, 2008-2009

Visiting Faculty and Scholars

The Schusterman Center hosts visiting scholars, faculty, artists and authors who illuminate the contemporary cultural and academic environment in Israel. They hold public lectures as well as student workshops.

Visiting Faculty hold appointments in various departments across the university. They teach courses, lecture and provide academic advice and enrichment to the student body.

Visiting Scholars and Post-Doctoral Scholars work on academic research projects for the purpose of publishing books and articles.

Visiting Artists and Art Historians teach courses and present their most recent work.

Visiting Authors speak about their craft, lead workshops, and meet with students and faculty on campus.