Rachel Fish PhD '13

"In a world in which ideas are often truncated to 140 characters, our approach is countercultural: We are asking what it means to be literate about Israel in the 21st century. To answer that requires that we transmit complex ideas in an accessible manner..."

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Video from Youth Leadership Conference on Israel
Brandeis University

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Harvard workshop

The Schusterman Center develops academic workshops on Israeli history, politics, culture, and society. 

The goal is to create a growing corps of Israel-literate educators, community leaders and university faculty who will enrich public discourse about Israel. 

 We invite you to collaborate with us on developing content for your own organization.
 For further information please contact Rise Singer, assistant director, Email: rsinger@brandeis.edu, Tel: 781  736-2152

Workshop Experience

The Center partnered with the following organizations in developing educational workshops on Israel Studies.

Avi Chai Foundation "Anti-Zionism to Anti-Semitism: Preparing High-School Students for the New Reality."
November 14-15, 2016. Nearly 200 day-school educators from around the country attended this conference. 

JCRC of New York "Israel: Balance and Complexity."
January 9-12, 2018. This foundational seminar on the complexities of modern Israel is offered to university faculty in the greater New York City area.

Office of High School Programs, Brandeis University "Youth Leadership Conference on Israel"
June 25-30, 2017 and June 26-30, 2016. Brandeis hosts this conference for college-bound teens seeking to lead the discourse about Israel on campus. 

American Jewish Committee "Israel Literacy"
March-September, 2014. A series of in-service professional development workshops were held for the AJC's Northeast field officers. They included this webinar by Professor Donna Divine (Smith College) on Israeli political culture.

Harvard Center for Middle Eastern Studies “Unearthing the Dead Sea Scrolls: Religion, Politics and the Science of its Excavation”
October 17, 2013. This continuing development workshop for high-school educators in the Boston area included an opening workshop and museum visit followed by two webinar lectures.

UC Berkeley History-Social Science Project "History of Israel and Current World Affairs"
August 12-16, 2013. This teacher-training workshop for public secondary school educators was the first of its kind designed for this audience. The program serves as a model for high school educators.