The Hardware Repair Shop is located in the Goldfarb Library near the Technology Help Desk.

Business hours are Monday through Friday, 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m., excluding holidays. Please make an appointment before visiting for a pickup; drop-offs can be done at the Help Desk during their open hours.


What to Expect at Your Repair Shop Visit

Dropping off your computer
  • Please come to the Help Desk to check in your computer to the Repair Shop.

  • You will be asked some questions to assist a Help Desk staffer fill out a ticket describing the issue and your contact information.

  • If the Help Desk deems that a hardware repair is necessary, they will escalate the ticket to the Repair Shop for further diagnostics.

While your computer is being repaired
  • If repairing your computer will cost you money, the Repair Shop will get in touch with you via email with a quote. If you approve the quote, repair will proceed. If you do not approve, the computer will be reassembled and returned to you. (You can also elect to pre-approve charges at the intake consultation.)

  • If your computer requires work beyond the capabilities of the repair shop, you will be contacted with a quote for off-site service. The same approval process applies.

  • Please respond promptly to our emails for fastest service! Replying by email (not by phone or personal visit) from a account is the most expedient way; please don't change the subject line or email address to ensure that our ticketing system informs us of your response.

Picking up your computer
  • If payment is not needed or you have pre-paid, you can pick up your computer at the Help Desk during business hours.

  • If payment is needed, you can pick up your computer at the Repair shop during Repair Shop hours. Please make an appointment for pickup to ensure that someone will be at the Repair Shop when you arrive.

  • The Repair Shop accepts departmental chargelines, cash (exact change only), personal check, or WhoCash (WhoCash can be charged via credit card, but the Repair Shop does not directly accept credit card payments). Charges must be paid in full to pick up your computer.
  • Computers abandoned at the Repair Shop for six months after last communication will be recycled in an environmentally friendly manner.
Why does my computer need offsite repair?

In order to give you the best service possible, the Hardware Repair Shop may occasionally opt to send your machine out to an off-site vendor for repair that can't be effectively executed by our in-house technicians. This is only done with your express approval and any costs associated with an off-site repair will be disclosed ahead of time.

Reasons why the Repair Shop might need to escalate a repair to an off-site vendor:

  • Liquid damage
  • Cracked glass or Apple LCD
  • Unsupportable make/model
  • Cost-effectiveness

If you want to increase your chance of having your machine repaired on-site, please consider making your next purchase one of our supported models from Dell or Apple.

Many repairs involve standard parts which are common to most models of laptop or desktop. These parts we can replace for almost any model:

  • Hard drives
  • RAM
  • LCD displays

Also, parts which are simple to diagnose and replace, such as keyboards, batteries and AC adaptors, can be replaced in-house for most computer brands.