Call for Proposals

JBS Facts

  • Justice Brandeis Semesters are three-course, integrated, and immersive academic programs.
  • Small groups of students explore a topic in depth through academic courses linked to real-world experiences. 
  • JBS programs take place in the summer in the United States over an 8-10 week period, typically meeting for a few hours/day.
  • JBS programs can be interdisciplinary explorations of real-world issues or they can be a deep dive into a single academic field. 
  • JBS programs teach important real-world transferable skills.

Why teach a JBS?

In short, because you will have the opportunity to teach the way you have always dreamed of teaching (or perhaps to teach in ways that you have not even dreamed of). 

The JBS program is virtually unique in American higher education – and was highlighted in the Strategic Plan as something that sets Brandeis apart from its peers. Both students and faculty rave about the JBS experience. Why is teaching a Justice Brandeis Semester different from teaching any other class? In a JBS, you have time to explore topics in real depth with your students and time to follow promising side tracks. If you want to spend several hours exploring the allegory of the cave in Plato's Republic, or the archaeology of cave paintings in France, or rare and endangered animals in an actual cave… you have time to do so.

Questions about teaching a JBS semester?

Contact Elaine Wong, Dan Perlman, or Kim Godsoe to learn more about proposing and teaching a JBS program.