Call for Proposals

Dear Colleagues,

I invite you to consider teaching a Summer 2018 Justice Brandeis Semester (JBS)!

JBS are engaging, immersive academic programs in which small groups of students explore a topic in depth while working closely with faculty.  The program is unique in American higher education and sets Brandeis apart from its peers.

About JBS Programs

  • Summer Justice Brandeis Semesters are 12 credit (usually three-course), integrated, and immersive academic programs.
  • Small groups of students (ideally 12-15) explore a topic in depth through course work and experiential learning activities, including field trips, guest speakers, and project based learning.
  • JBS programs run for 10 weeks; each four-credit course meets for at least 40 class contact hours over the 10 weeks (120 total direct instructor contact hours for each JBS program).  Students are expected to complete an additional 140 hours of coursework outside the classroom for each four-credit class (420 total hours for each JBS program).
  • Faculty Remuneration:  Please contact Phil Dolan, Associate Director of the Summer School, for more information.
  • Faculty Eligibility:  All faculty with at least three years of experience teaching and three semesters at Brandeis are invited to teach in a JBS. This invitation specifically includes emeriti/emerita and adjunct and part-time faculty, as well as tenured, tenure track, and contract faculty. Faculty should be on campus the spring semester prior to teaching.
  • Team Teaching:  JBS programs can be taught by a single faculty member or team taught
  • JBS programs can be interdisciplinary explorations or focused on a single academic field
  • JBS proposals which involve sustained domestic or international travel will require a longer lead time to insure that safety and logistics are thoroughly reviewed by appropriate University offices. Note that such proposals may need to be submitted as early as 18 months in advance of the anticipated program start date.

Why teach a JBS?

Explore this Justice Brandeis Semester (JBS) faculty webpage for more information on the Call for Proposals, and Sample Draft Proposals. Proposals for Summer 2018 are due no later than July 12, 2017 and will be reviewed on a rolling basis.

If you want to learn more about proposing and teaching a JBS program, or need guidance on crafting your proposal, please get in touch with Phil Dolan ( or Elaine Wong (, well in advance of the deadline.

All JBS proposals will be submitted first to the Justice Brandeis Semester committee for "pre-approval," before submissions go to the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee and Dean of Arts and Sciences for final approval. Please send proposals to Phil Dolan (, Associate Director, Brandeis Summer School and Elaine Wong (, in an e-mail attachment by July 12, 2017. All proposals must address the items listed in the proposal format, which is included in the online Proposal Guidelines.

JBS programs are remarkable experiences for students and faculty alike, and I hope that you will consider offering one in the near future.


Susan Birren
Dean of Arts and Sciences

“Teaching a JBS in Ethnographic Research was undoubtedly one of the best teaching experiences I have had.  The opportunity to work with the same group of students in a much more sustained way on shared readings, discussions, and activities, and at the same time to supervise each one in their individual projects was challenging, but also felt like the way teaching should always be.”

- Elizabeth Ferry, Professor of Anthropology

“Doing a program like this one, so early on in my academic career at Brandeis, is one of those key interactions that I feel has changed my academic trajectory. I can honestly say I had no idea what my future looked like at the end of my spring semester, but I know for a fact that being present for the past weeks has made a difference in where I feel I am now going.”

 - Aja Antoine ‘17