Goals of the Virtual Incubator

"The Brandeis Virtual Incubator is a program to help foster entrepreneurial students and faculty in the sciences by providing mentorship, education and small seed grants to help them move inventions from the lab to the marketplace."
-Marty Krauss, Provost and Senior Vice President
for Academic Affairs

"One of my goals is to build the entrepreneurial ecosystem at Brandeis to support many kinds of industry relationships with Brandeis students, fellows and faculty. The goal is technology commercialization, licensing, industry-sponsored research and faculty spin-off companies—plus networking opportunities for students—and ultimately, technology licensing royalties back to Brandeis."
-Irene Abrams, Associate Provost for Innovation and Executive Director, Office of Technology Licensing

Brandeis Virtual Incubator

Education...Community...Mentoring...Sprout Grants

The Brandeis Virtual Incubator's ultimate mission is to foster entrepreneurship in Brandeis students, post-doctoral fellows, staff and faculty. The Virtual Incubator ("housed" in the Office of Technology Licensing) will be a focal point for people at Brandeis interested in technology commercialization-the intersection of business and science.

The Virtual Incubator offers budding Brandeis entrepreneurs lots of encouragement, introductions and good advice. In addition, the Brandeis Sprout Grant Program offers Brandeis scientists, fellows and faculty a little financial help for that "next experiment" to prove their technologies real commercial worth.

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