John G. Norman

John G Norman

John G. Norman

VP of Technology at Iora Health

John G. Norman is the VP of Technology at Iora Health, where we're rebooting primary care from the ground up -- "bringing humanity to healthcare." As a technology consigliere, John generates a lot of code, advises Internet startups, writes about software and its development, and contributes to open source projects. He's a kibbitzer on product design and experience, and spends a lot of time removing roadblocks from his team. Recently he crashed his personal server by writing a blog post entitled "The Most Important Social Network: GitHub," which was much talked about on Hacker News. Norman has taught engineering at the University of Minnesota and at Harvard, media studies at the New School, and Renaissance literature at Ohio State, and holds a PhD in English from Harvard University, where his scholarship was about intersections between literature and medicine. Recently he's been thinking a lot about paths not taken in the emergence of the web.


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