Working With Us

The Road to Commercialization of Intellectual Property Has Many Stops

If you have a discovery that you think might have commercial potential, prior to publicly disclosing the invention,  please:

  • Contact OTL (phone, visit, disclosure form)
  • We’ll set up a meeting to discuss the discovery including:
    • Description of invention
    • Commercialization possibilities
    • Funding
    • Publication plans
    • Your interests in commercializing the invention
  • OTL will evaluate the invention for commercial potential
  • OTL will make a decision about filing a patent
  • If yes, OTL will introduce the inventor to a Patent Attorney who will work with the inventor to draft the patent application (at Brandeis' expenses)
  • OTL will work with inventor, and conduct market research to find potential licensees
  • In most cases, the inventor will be involved in talking with potential licensees about the technology
  • OTL will negotiate license agreements with:
    • Existing Companies
    • Start-up companies