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Requirements for Major

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Both HSSP BA and BS majors are required to fulfill 6 core requirements:

  • SOC 191a (generally offered in the fall semester)
  • HS 104b or LGLS 114a (offered in the fall semester)
  • Science Course: BA majors must choose from BIO 14a, 15b, 16a; BS majors must take BIO 42a (check Schedule of Classes)
  • Hands On Experience: fulfilled by both majors with either HSSP 89a, 92a/b, 98a/b, or 99d (for additional options see Overview of Hands On Experience)
  • HSSP 100b (open to Juniors and Seniors, offered in both fall and spring semesters)
  • HSSP 110a (open to Seniors only, offered in the spring semester)

Students are encouraged to take the first three of these core requirements early in their pursuit of the major, possibly taking Focal Area electives concurrently.  Students are also encouraged to take HSSP 100b in their junior year as a foundation for upper-level courses.  Students interested in declaring HSSP should make an appointment with Professor Sarah Curi, the Undergraduate Advising Head.

Those interested in lab experience and senior research should contact prospective mentors about these opportunities.
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