Thinking about declaring an HSSP Major Degree?

Learn more about HSSP, including how to declare your HSSP major/minor, by reading our FAQ Sheet. 

Here you will learn more about major and minor requirements as well  as find a link to our HSSP Declaration Form.

Requirements for Major

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Students may choose to earn a degree in HSSP as either a Bachelor of Arts (BA) or a Bachelor of Science (BS).  Students may also choose a HSSP Minor.  By undertaking this broad, interdisciplinary study of health, students prepare themselves for a variety of educational and professional opportunities.  Graduates of HSSP will go on to careers in the fields of medicine, dentistry, public health, clinical therapy, social work, genetic counseling, biomedical research, law, social policy, and public service, among many others.  
The elective requirements vary for the BA and BS:

1.  BA:  To complete a BA, you must complete 40 credits:  6 required courses + 4 HSSP electives (1 elective from each Focal Area plus a 4th chosen from any of the Focal Areas).

2.  BS:  A BS degree demands more science and lab courses in addition to the 6 required courses.  If you entered Brandeis: a. before the Fall of 2015 you must complete 68 credits, including:  5 HSSP electives (3 electives from Focal Area A + 1 elective from both Focal Area B & C) + 24 credits of “Additional Basic Science Courses”. b. in/after the Fall of 2015 you must complete 70 credits, including:  the prescribed introductory biology sequence (BIOL 14a + BIOL 18a, BIOL 15b + BIOL 18b, and BIOL 16a), 3 HSSP electives (1 elective from each Focal Area) + 16 credits of “Additional Basic Science Courses”.

"Additional Basic Science Courses” means any BIOL, BCHM, CBIO, NBIO, CHEM, PHYS, MATH, CSCI course at or above the 10-level.  Alternatively, PSYC 51a - Statistics may be used.
3.  Minor:  Minors must complete 6 courses (24 credits):  the 4 Core courses and 2 HSSP electives (1 elective from one of the 3 focal areas + 1 elective from another of the 3 focal areas).
Satisfactory Completion:  Courses fulfilling HSSP requirements may not be taken pass/fail, and must be satisfactorily completed with a C-minus or better.
Outside Courses:  Majors may transfer up to two courses (8 credits) taken from outside of Brandeis with written pre-approval from the Undergraduate Advising Head.  With few exceptions, such outside courses may only fulfill HSSP elective and/or the Additional Basic Science Course requirements.

See the Guide to Courses that Count for HSSP Credit for elective options.