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Requirements for Major

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A. All HSSP majors must complete the following 6 required courses (four core courses plus a hands-on experience, a senior seminar):

  1. Core “Science” Course:  BA majors may choose from  BIOL 14a - Genetics & Genomics, BIOL 15b - Cells & Organisms, BIOL 16a - Evolution & Biodiversity, or BIOL 42a - Physiology.   BS majors must take BIOL 42a - Physiology

  1. Core “Society” Course:  SOC 191a - Health, Community & Society

  2. Core “Policy” Course:  HS 104b - American Health Care  or LGLS 114a - American Health Care: Law & Policy

  3. HSSP 100b - Introduction to Epidemiology, Biostatistics & Population Health - open to HSSP Juniors and HSSP Seniors, offered in both fall and spring semesters; generally taken in Junior year*                                                                            

  4. HSSP 110a - Integrative Seminar on Health:  ”capstone” - open only to HSSP Seniors in their final Spring semester **

  5. Hands-On Experience:

    1. An Internship and an Internship Seminar:  HSSP 89a - HSSP Internship, ENVS 89a - Environmental Studies Internship, LGLS 161b - Advocacy for Policy Change, PAX 89a - Internship in Peace, Conflict & Coexistence Studies, or WMGS 89a - When Violence Hits Home;

    2. HSSP 98a/b - Independent Research;

    3. HSSP 99d - Senior Thesis;

    4. a health-related Justice Brandeis Semester (JBS); or

    5. a health-related Study Abroad.

* TheBrandeis/Denmark Institute for Study-abroad (DIS) course - Epidemiology:  Danish Case Studies can substitute for HSSP 100b.

** You may request to take HSSP 110a - Integrative Seminar on Health in your Junior Year, if you:

  • are graduating a semester early (i.e., December instead of May) and you have ready officially changed your graduation date, or
  • have declared a double majoring Education and HSSP or a major in HSSP and a minor in Education, because as an Education major/minor you  must all teach in the Spring semester of your Senior Year.

Additionally, HSSP majors must complete the elective requirements, which vary for the Bachelor of Arts (BA) and the Bachelor of Science (BS) degrees.

> Learn more about the Bachelor of Arts (BA) elective requirements

> Learn more about the Bachelor of Science (BS) elective requirements

Satisfactory Completion:  Courses fulfilling HSSP requirements may not be taken pass/fail, and must be satisfactorily completed with a C-minus or better.

Outside Courses:  Majors may transfer up to two courses (8 credits) taken from outside of Brandeis with written pre-approval from the Undergraduate Advising Head.  With few exceptions, such outside courses may only fulfill HSSP electives and/or the Additional Basic Science Course requirement.