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Most forms and requests are currently available as PDF documents, which require Adobe Reader to be viewed properly.


Major/Minor Declaration Worksheet

Open the worksheet to declare a major or minor, drop or change a major or minor.

Undergraduate Major/Minor Substitution Petition

To find out how to petition for a major / minor substitution, please see instructions below. Note that substitutions submitted for courses in progress won't appear in your degree audit until a final grade has posted. You may still submit the substitution request before receiving a final grade in a course.

Undergraduate Substitution Requests

Online Petition to Request Substitution for a Requirement -  This form can be used by undergraduate students who have already declared the major or minor and would like to request any of the following:

  • That a major or minor requirement be met by a course taken at Brandeis University. 
  • That a major or minor requirement be met by a course taken outside of Brandeis (Study Abroad, non-Brandeis Summer School course, etc.).  Please note that the course must already be on the student's Brandeis transcript before the petition for substitution can be made.   
  • That a General University Requirement be met by a course taken during a program approved by Brandeis Study Abroad Office.  This course must already have been transferred to your Brandeis undergraduate record before the petition can be submitted.