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The Office of Academic Services.  

Academic Services at Brandeis is committed to the success of our students.  We offer advising in every area of academic life including the selection of courses and majors, pre-health advising, preparations to study abroad, academic enrichment opportunities, and much, much more.

Academic Calendar

Need dates for Parents Weekend? Winter Recess? Finals? Commencement?  Our Academic Calendar will keep you up to date.

A Letter from our Dean

Dear Families,

It is a delight to have your son or daughter with us at Brandeis University. The Office of Academic Services coordinates a cohesive network of peers, staff and faculty who provide academic advising and support services for undergraduate students.  We work with students to help them identify purpose and develop their academic path through Brandeis. Each weekday we host drop-in appointments from 1-4 p.m., so students can easily stop by our office in Usdan 130 to discuss questions with an adviser. Our philosophy is that each student has their own, independent academic path, and no two paths will be exactly the same.

As your son or daughter progresses through his/her education, you will notice the transition from adolescence to adulthood.  Some of these changes may be exciting and rewarding, such as being named to the Dean's List for a successful academic semester. Others may be disconcerting, for example a shift in interest from a major in Chemistry to Sociology. While you may or may not be comfortable with these changes, the two most important things to recognize are that your son or daughter is becoming independent, and that he/she is communicating with you about these changes.

As you speak with your son or daughter about her/his academic experience, I encourage you to ask about her/his experiences on campus and in the classroom as well as how she/he has used the advising and support resources provided by Academic Services.  You are a significant influence in how your son or daughter learns to make decisions and solve problems. When you ask about the use of the available resources, you model the skills of asking for help, being resilient in the face of uncertainty or setbacks, developing positive connections with others, and being independent problem solvers. These skills will be useful not only in college but throughout students' personal and professional lives.

All of us at Brandeis are here to help our students have a successful college experience. We hope that your son or daughter enjoys his/her engaging, and transformative years here.

Erika J. Smith

Dean of Academic Services