Academic Advisors

Students will have a staff advisor in Academic Services and a peer advisor (Roosevelt Fellow) while at Brandeis.

Staff Advisors

Staff advisors work in partnership with students to develop, maintain, revise, and implement their academic plans. From thinking together about majors and minors and building balanced schedules to aspiring to special research opportunities and clarifying post-undergraduate plans.

Last Names or Program Advisor
A-C Alan Alleyne
D, H-K Julia Mani
E, L-M Kiernan Acquisto
F, Ga-Gl, N-R Christopher Greene
Interim Advisor: Gn-Go
Brian Koslowski -Interim Advisor during Katie Dunn's leave.
Gr-Gz, W-Z Kimoi Seale
S-V Katie Dunn
On Leave Kate Colahan
MLK Scholars Alan Alleyne and Katie Dunn
MKTYP Scholars Kathryn Bethea-Rivera
SSSP Scholars  Chelsea Green and Darlene Rodriguez

Roosevelt Fellows

Roosevelt Fellows are junior or senior peer mentors who offer one-on-one academic advising and events throughout the academic year. Your Roosevelt Fellow will be able to provide a student's perspective on academics at Brandeis.