What Inspires You?

Got more questions than answers? Have a passion for research or want to find out more? At Brandeis, the Undergraduate Research and Creative Collaborations Office can help you find topics, mentors and funding for an original research or creative project in close collaboration with leading faculty and researchers.

Our undergraduates are investigating subjects as diverse as quasars, Christianity, and the American media, to name a few of the many student-inspired projects our office is facilitating across the Arts and Sciences and Brandeis.

With support from the Davis Educational Foundation*, we are building on our distinctive culture of mentorship, enabling all undergraduates to pursue research opportunities in the creative arts, humanities and social sciences, and sciences.

*The grant was received from the Davis Educational Foundation established by Stanton and Elisabeth Davis after Mr. Davis' retirement as chairman of Shaw's Supermarkets, Inc.

We’re here to help you find and pursue what inspires you.

What is Research?

"Undergraduate research, scholarship, and creative inquiry is fundamentally a pedagogical approach to teaching and learning. With an emphasis on process, CUR defines undergraduate research as: A mentored investigation or creative inquiry conducted by undergraduates that seeks to make a scholarly or artistic contribution to knowledge." -Council on Undergraduate Research

Why Research?

Undergraduate research is a high-impact educational experience.

Students report that their research has benefited them in many ways such as:

Research Advice from Brandeis Undergraduates

Brandeis undergraduates who have participated in undergraduates research share their thoughts and opinions and address frequently asked questions, in this series of video interviews.