2021-2022 Lead UDRs

Lead UDRs serve as liaisons between department/program UDRs, UDR Program staff and School of Arts and Sciences Division Heads. They meet with UDR program staff to discuss program activities and advise on new initiatives and UDR policy changes, and with School Division Heads to discuss academic and pedagogical issues in the division.  Additionally, they facilitate collaboration among department/program UDRs, support UDR trainings, and advise UDRs on an as needed basis.

There is one Lead UDR from each School of Arts and Sciences Division (Creative Arts, Humanities, Sciences, and Social Sciences) and one at-large Lead UDR.

portrait of Emma Ghalili
Emma Ghalili
At-Large Lead UDR
Health: Science, Society & Policy UDR

The job of the At-Large UDR is to be the point person and main representative for the UDR program as a whole. Some of the responsibilities of the At-Large Lead UDR are as follows:

  • Creating events for the whole department
  • Implementing program wide initiatives
  • Being the point person for contact with other offices on campus
  • Ex. Admissions, academic serviss, upper administration, etc.

Emma Ghalili ‘22 is double-majoring in Biology and Health: Science, Society and Policy (HSSP). She is one of the HSSP UDRS and she is very passionate about public health and equal access to health care. In addition to being a UDR Emma is a coordinator for the Student Admissions Program, she works in the Gutchess Aging, Culture and Cognition Lab and she is an Orientation Leader. Emma loves how interdisciplinary Brandeis is and how all the different departments overlap to create classes that have students that share many different perspectives. Emma is very excited to be the At-Large Lead UDR and to create programming that emphasizes Brandeis’ interdisciplinary nature. Her role as a lead UDR is to act as a representative and point person for the UDR program as a whole.

portrait of Liz Gong
Liz Gong
Sciences Division Lead UDR
Biology UDR

Elizabeth Gong '23 is majoring in Biology. She volunteers as a Waltham Group coordinator for JBA (Junior Brandeis Achievers) and works at the ITS Help Desk on campus. She also enjoys doing research in the Aging, Culture and Cognition Lab and is a member of the Brandeis Asian American Students Association (BAASA). In her free time, she enjoys watching movies, listening to music, and spending time with her friends.

portrait of Luca Swinford
Luca Swinford
Social Sciences Division Lead UDR
Education UDR

Luca Swinford ’22 is double majoring in Education Studies and Health: Science, Society, and Policy (HSSP). He is very passionate about various disability-related issues in both the education and health fields. He is one of the founders of the Disabled Students’ Network and was a 2020 Lurie Fellow in Disability Policy. In his spare time, he enjoys listening to music and watching horror movies. Luca enjoys meeting new people and is excited to serve as an Education UDR and the Social Sciences Lead UDR this year!

portrait of Mello Wilsted
Mello Wilsted
Creative Arts Division Lead UDR
Art History UDR

Mello Wilsted ’22 is from Oakland, CA., working on a Politics major, with a minor in architecture. In her own art practice, she is a multimedia artist: crochet, paper cutting, watercolor, drawing, bookbinding, printing and letterpress. She was an apprentice at David Goines and Richard Seiburt's shop, Saint Heronimous Press. She is a certified book binder by the San Francisco Center for the Book. Senior year of high school, she published a book on Oakland street art stickers, called SLAP! She is currently a writer and editor for the Arts and Culture section of the Justice. She is extremely excited to be a Lead UDR for the Creative Arts division and to be able to continue to promote the arts at Brandeis.