2020-2021 Lead UDRs

Lead UDRs serve as liaisons between department/program UDRs, UDR Program staff and School of Arts and Sciences Division Heads. They meet with UDR program staff to discuss program activities and advise on new initiatives and UDR policy changes, and with School Division Heads to discuss academic and pedagogical issues in the division.  Additionally, they facilitate collaboration among department/program UDRs, support UDR trainings, and advise UDRs on an as needed basis.

There is one Lead UDR from each School of Arts and Sciences Division (Creative Arts, Humanities, Sciences, and Social Sciences) and one at-large Lead UDR.

Andrew Baxter Photo
Andrew Baxter '21
Sciences Division Lead UDR
Chemistry UDR

Andrew Baxter ’21 is from Wallingford, Connecticut, double-majoring in Chemistry and Biology with a minor in Legal Studies. On campus, he is a Student Interviewer for the Office of Undergraduate Admissions, the business manager for his a cappella group Voices of Soul, an editor for the Justice (one of the two student newspapers on campus), and he is involved in new student orientation - serving as an orientation leader and a member of the 2019 Orientation Core Committee.  In his free time, he can most likely be found playing tennis, taking photos, or lounging in his hammock with an iced coffee. Andrew is excited to be serving as a Lead UDR and as a UDR for the Chemistry department for a second year!

Madeleine Cahn Photo
Madeleine Cahn '21
Humanities Division Lead UDR
Classical Studies UDR

Madeleine Cahn ’21 is double-majoring in Classical Studies and Mathematics, minoring in Near Eastern and Judaic Studies, and trying to study everything.  At Brandeis, she serves as the Latin BUGS leader, edits the Judaic Studies Journal, fences with the Fencing Club, takes classes with the Ballet Club, and is active in Hillel.  At home in New Haven, Connecticut, she volunteers for the city, plays the piano, and reads.  She is delighted to represent the students of the Classical Studies department and the wider Humanities community.

Camryn Cohen Photo
Camryn Cohen '21
Social Sciences Division Lead UDR
Health: Science, Society & Policy UDR

Camryn Cohen ‘21 is double-majoring in Chemical Biology and Health: Science, Society & Policy (HSSP). She is one of the UDRs for HSSP and is incredibly passionate about public health! Camryn studied abroad this past semester in Buenos Aires, Argentina where her research quickly shifted to focus on analyzing the country’s COVID-19 response. On campus, she is a BUGS tutor, Waltham Group coordinator, incoming president of Brandeis Israel Public Affairs Committee, and more. Off campus, she is very involved with clinical research at Massachusetts General Hospital. She loves the unique interdisciplinary perspective that each department in the social sciences brings to the table and is excited to be the Social Sciences Lead UDR this year!

Renata Leighton Photo
Renata Leighton '21
Creative Arts Division Lead UDR
Theater Arts UDR

Renata Leighton ’21 is from Chicago, Illinois double-majoring in Environmental Studies and Theater Arts with a minor in Creativity and the Arts in Social Transformation. Although she is equally passionate about her scientific side, Renata can’t wait to serve as Theater UDR and Lead UDR for all of the Creative Arts! During the school year, you can find Renata rehearsing or performing shows, serving on the E-Board of the Free Play Theatre Cooperative, organizing for fossil fuel divestment with Brandeis Climate Justice, and working at the Rose Art Museum. In the future, Renata hopes to bring together everything she loves and use creative processes to facilitate community building and storytelling around all forms of social change.

Janis Li Photo
Janis Li '21
At-large Lead UDR
Neuroscience UDR

Janis Li is serving as a Neuroscience UDR for a third year. She is a senior majoring in Biology and Biochemistry, with a minor in Hispanic Studies and pursuing a M.S./B.S. degree in Neuroscience. In her free time, she works with the local homeless shelter in Waltham and projects within the Marder Lab. Her other hobbies include drawing, painting, dancing, and learning new languages.