Department of Biology

Judith Tsipis

Judith Tsipis, Professor Emerita of BiologyProfessor Emerita of Biology
Director Emeritus of the Genetic Counseling Program

Building on my background in virology and genetics, I devoted most of my career to teaching at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. For my first 31 years at Brandeis I taught the introductory biology laboratory course taken by all Biology majors and pre-med students and advised undergraduates interested in careers in the biological sciences, medicine, and the allied health professions. In 1992 I founded Brandeis’ Genetic Counseling Program and served as its Director until I retired in 2017. The Program derives in great measure from my own experiences as the parent of a child with Canavan disease, a rare and progressive neurological genetic disorder. and my desire to help other families like ours.

I am currently Director Emeritus of the Genetic Counseling Program and continue to be interested in the ethical, legal, and social policy issues that arise from the many advances in human molecular genetics.

Selected Publications

  • Carmichael N, Tsipis J, Windmueller G, Mandel L, Estrella E (2015). "'Is it going to hurt?': the impact of the diagnostic odyssey on children and their families." J Genet Couns. 2015 Apr;24(2):325-35. 
  • Buchanan A, Sachs A, Toler T, Tsipis J (2014). "NIPT: current utilization and implications for the future of prenatal genetic counseling." Prenat Diagn. 2014 Sep;34(9):850-7.
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