Research Faculty

Susan Birren faculty photo
Susan J. Birren
Zalman Abraham Kekst Professor in Neuroscience
781-736-2680 Shapiro Science Center 1-06A

Expertise: Developmental neurobiology (lab website)

Alexandre Bisson, Assistant Professor of Biology
Alexandre Bisson
Assistant Professor of Biology
781-736-4923 Rosenstiel Basic Medical Sciences Research Center 519

Expertise: Cellular Organization and Behavior in the Archaea domain of life (lab website)

Paul Garrity faculty image
Paul Garrity
Professor of Biology
781-736-3127 Shapiro Science Center 2-16

Expertise: Neural development and behavior (lab website)

Bruce Goode faculty image
Bruce Goode
Professor of Biology
781-736-2464 Rosenstiel 532

Expertise: Cytoskeletal mechanisms controlling cell morphogenesis (lab website)

Leslie Griffith faculty image
Leslie Griffith
Nancy Lurie Marks Professor of Neuroscience
Director of the Volen National Center for Complex Systems
781-736-3125 Shapiro Science Center 2-06B

Expertise: Biochemistry of synaptic plasticity (lab website)

James Haber faculty image
James Haber
Abraham and Etta Goodman Professor of Biology
Director, Rosenstiel Basic Medical Sciences Research Center
781-736-2462 Rosenstiel 302

Expertise: Repair of broken chromosomes and triggering of the DNA damage response (lab website)

Liz Hedstrom faculty image
Liz Hedstrom
Professor of Biology and Chemistry
Department Chair
781-736-2333 Kosow-Wolfson-Rosensweig Biochemistry 112

Expertise: Antimicrobial design; targeted protein degradation; TSC2 activators; enzyme structure-function studies. (lab website)

Sebastian Kadener faculty image
Sebastian Kadener
Associate Professor of Biology
781-736-4915 Rosenstiel Basic Medical Sciences Research Center 332

Expertise: Molecular Neurobiology and RNA metabolism (lab website)

amy lee
Amy S.Y. Lee
Assistant Professor of Biology
781-736-4951 Rosenstiel 441

Expertise: mRNA translation in cellular differentiation and disease (lab website)

Susan Lovett faculty image
Susan Lovett
Abraham S. and Gertrude Burg Professor of Microbiology
781-736-2497 Rosenstiel 337

Expertise: Genetics and molecular biology of bacteria and yeast

Eve Marder faculty image
Eve Marder
University Professor
Victor and Gwendolyn Beinfield Professor of Biology
781-736-3140 Volen National Center for Complex Systems 314

Expertise: Modulation of Neural Networks (lab website)

Michael Marr faculty image
Michael Marr
Associate Professor of Biology
781-736-2481 Rosenstiel Basic Medical Sciences Research Center 334

Expertise: Gene Expression in Cellular Stress Responses

Paul Miller faculty image
Paul Miller
Associate Professor of Biology
781-736-2890 Volen National Center for Complex Systems 317

Expertise: Computational and theoretical neuroscience

Sacha Nelson faculty image
Sacha Nelson
Gyula and Katica Tauber Professor of Life Science
781-736-3181 Carl J. Shapiro Science Center 1-21

Expertise: Physiological genomics of the mammalian neocortex (lab website)

Suzanne Paradis faculty image
Suzanne Paradis
Associate Professor of Biology
781-736-5305 Shapiro Science Center 1-08A

Expertise: Molecular mechanisms of synaptic development (lab website)

Guillermina Ramirez-San Juan
Guillermina Ramirez-San Juan
Assistant Professor of Biology and Physics
781-736-2407 Rosenstiel 450

Expertise: Biophysical mechanisms underlying flow generation by cilia arrays (lab website)

Avital Rodal faculty image
Avital Rodal
Associate Professor of Biology
781-736-2459 Rosenstiel 528

Expertise: Endosomal membrane traffic in neurons (lab website)

Michael Rosbash faculty image
Michael Rosbash
Peter Gruber Endowed Chair in Neuroscience, Professor of Biology,
Howard Hughes Medical Institute Investigator
781-736-3160 Shapiro Science Center 2-24B

Expertise: Circadian rhythms, behavior, and gene expression (lab website)

Piali Sengupta faculty image
Piali Sengupta
Harold and Bernice Davis Chair in Aging and Neurodegenerative Disease
Professor of Biology
781-736-2686 Carl J. Shapiro Science Center 2-08A

Expertise: Behavioral and neuronal development in C. elegans (lab website)

Neil Simister faculty image
Neil Simister
Associate Professor of Biology
Director, Professional Science Master's Program in Biotechnology
781-736-4952 Bassine Science Building 203

Expertise: Molecular immunology. Antibody transport.

Undergraduate Advising Head - Fall 2020

Gina Turrigiano faculty image
Gina Turrigiano
Joseph Levitan Professor of Vision Science
781-736-2684 Carl J. Shapiro Science Center 1-28

Expertise: Activity-dependent regulation of neuronal properties (lab website)

Stephen Van Hooser faculty image
Stephen Van Hooser
Associate Professor of Biology
781-736-2721 Bassine Biology Building 326

Expertise: Development and function of cortical circuits (lab website)

Teaching Faculty

Colleen Hitchcock faculty image
Colleen Hitchcock
Associate Professor of Ecology
781-736-2634 Rabb Graduate Center 353

Expertise: Community ecology, phenology and climate change

Melissa Kosinski-Collins faculty image
Melissa Kosinski-Collins
Professor of Biology
781-736-3126 Carl J. Shapiro Science Center 0-16A

Expertise: Biology education

Elaine Lai faculty image
Elaine Lai
Senior Lecturer
Senior Scientist in Biology
781-736-3152 Bassine Biology Building 406

Expertise: Gene expression, cell differentiation and programmed cell death

Maria de Boef Miara
Maria de Boef Miara
Assistant Professor of Biology
Master's Advising Head for MCB and Neuroscience
781-736-3106 Bassine Science Building 119

Expertise: Comparative Anatomy, Evolution, Physiology, BiomechanicsComparative Anatomy, Evolution Physiology, Biomechanics

James Morris faculty image
James Morris
Professor of Biology
781-736-3119 Bassine Science Building 214

Expertise: Evolution, genetics, epigenetics, history of science, and science education

Kene Piasta faculty image
Kene Piasta
Assistant Professor of Biology
Senior Research / Honors Coordinator
781-736-3159 Shapiro Science Center 016E

Expertise: Biology education and protein structure-function

rachel woodruff
Rachel Woodruff
Assistant Professor of Biology
781-736-3189 Bassine Biology Building 202

Expertise: Teaching genetics and genomic and molecular biotechnology

Undergraduate Advising Head - Spring 2021

Faculty Emeriti

David DeRosier
David DeRosier
Professor Emeritus of Biology

Expertise: Super-resolution light microscopy and the structure of the synapse

Chandler Fulton faculty image
Chandler Fulton
Professor Emeritus of Biology

Expertise: Cell Differentiation, Centrioles, and Cell Death. Epigenetic regulation of gene expression in Naegleria.

Jeff Hall, Professor Emeritus of Biology
Jeff Hall
Professor Emeritus of Biology

Expertise: Drosophila Neurogenetics

kenneth c. hayes
Kenneth C. Hayes
Professor Emeritus of Biology

Expertise: Comparative nutritional pathophysiology in man and animals. Lipoprotein metabolism and atherogenesis, diabetes and obesity.

Joan Press faculty image
Joan Press
Professor Emerita of Biology

Expertise: Developmental immunology and immunogenetics.

Judith Tsipis, Professor Emerita of Biology
Judith Tsipis
Professor Emerita of Biology

Expertise: Genetic counseling.

lawrence wangh
Lawrence Wangh
Professor Emeritus of Biology

Expertise: Mammalian embryogenesis. Gene expression in single cells

Kalpana White
Professor Emerita of Biology

Expertise: Neural development