Department of Biology

Kalpana White

Professor Emerita of Biology

Research Description

Neuronal maturation, function and plasticity depend on a large number of intricate cellular processes, which allow individual neurons to function within a larger network. Our focus was on two of the cellular processes crucial to the neuron: axonal transport and regulated RNA splicing. We used the fruit fly Drosophila because of the superior genetic and transgenic technologies it offers.

Transport along the cytoskeleton is the primary mechanism by which materials are distributed to the various subcellular compartments within the highly polarized neuronal cell. Delivery of materials to the axonal and dendritic terminals and transmission of signals back from the terminals to the cell body are important to growth and function of neurons. We have shown in Drosophila, that APPL protein (homologous to the human ß amyloid protein precursor associated with Alzheimer's disease) affects axonal transport. Starting with a background that compromises axonal transport we are identifying other genes/proteins that are involved in this process.

We also demonstrated that APPL has a synapse promoting activity that could be important in neuronal plasticity. Long term goals of this research was to elucidate APPL receptor induced signal transduction mechanisms and understand the relation between APPL function and Alzheimer disease condition.

Another area of our research addressed the role of ELAV, a neuron-specific post-transcriptional regulator in neuronal development. We demonstrated that ELAV, a RNA binding protein regulates neural specific splicing of transcripts of three genes: neuroglian, erect wing and armadillo. Studies were aimed at finding the cohort of genes regulated by ELAV, the developmental role of ELAV-regulated splicing and mechanism of ELAV-regulation.

Selected Publications

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