Requirements for the Major

In addition to one prerequisite (Introduction to Economics), there are a minimum of 11 courses required for the major. The requirements are summarized below:

Prerequisite for Entry into Business Courses (one course)

Survey of Economics (Econ 2a) or Introduction to Microeconomics (Econ 10a) gives you the conceptual foundation that is critical to understanding business.

Core Courses

Quantitative Course

Foundational Literacies

As a part of completing the Business major, students must:

**Only students admitted Fall 2019 and after are required to complete these requirements. Students who entered Brandeis University prior to Fall 2019 should refer the University Bulletin of their entrance year for the proper requirements.**


Note: You MUST earn a grade of "C" or above to count toward your major in your core and all Business Administration courses. "C-minus" is the minimum grade you must earn in your Business and Society courses. No courses taken pass/fail will count towards the business major.

Thematic Electives in the Field of Business and Society

Two courses from arts and science departments covering themes such as:

Thematic Electives in the Field of Business Administration

Three courses in advanced business studies, covering themes such as:

Important Items to Note for the Business Major

Double Counting

Business and Economics double majors: BUS 10a (required for the Business major) counts as a lower level elective for Economics and ECON 20a (required for the Economics major) counts as a Business and Society elective for Business. No further "double counts" are allowed for the Business major, except ECON 2a or ECON 10a, which satisfies the prerequisite for the major. Students may not count ECON 171a as a core class and as an elective for Business Administration. 


A specialization is achieved by taking three courses in one of the eight designated themes. Specializations do not appear on transcripts but may be reported on a resume.

200-Level Courses

200-level courses are graduate level and are primarily for seniors. Students need to request a permission code to register from the Business Administrator.