Center for German and European Studies

Confronting Antisemitism Racism and Xenophobia in Germany

wall with the names of the fallen memorialized on it

Apr. 2024: Memory and the Ethics of Memorialization

Book cover with a picture of Tupoka smiling and the text Und Jetzt Du

Apr. 2024: Racism in Germany

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Apr. 2024: Is Germany facilitating genocide in Gaza? Contextualizing Nicaragua's Case against Germany

Head shot of Alexandra with a soft smile

Dec. 2023: Breaking the Spell of the Nazi Past: How to find a voice and a language to address NS war crimes within one’s own family

German paperwork and a destroyed synagoge

Nov. 2023: 'Kristallnacht' and the Anti-Semitism of Adolf Hitler

German paperwark and a destroyed synagogue

Nov. 2023: 'Kristallnacht' Commemoration and Conversation with Survivor Doris Edwards

picture of Saskia fischer speaking into a mic and a book cover

Sept. 2023: The Figure of the Antisemite in Contemporary German Literature

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Apr. 2023: How the Nazis Stole My Grandmother's Cookbook

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April 2023: Never Again: Germans and Genocide after the Holocaust

Head shot of David de Jong

Mar. 2023: Nazi Billionnaires: The Dark History of Germany's Wealthiest Dynasties

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Jan. 2023: 70 Years of German Compensation Law - Germany’s Responsibility for Victims of WWII and the Holocaust

Picture of the Holocaust Memorial in Berlin at sunset

Nov. 2022: Widening the Circle: Reflections on A Trip to Germany

Book cover for Hitler's Munich and headshot of Michael Brenner

Oct. 2022: Michael Brenner: In Hitler's Munich: Jews, the Revolution, and the Rise of Nazism

German parliament building with a German flag in the foreground

Sept. 2022: Getting to Know Each Other - Despite Everything

4 hands of different skin colors holding each other

Sept. 2022: Germany’s National Discrimination and Racism Monitor

Group of people standing on a train platform waiting

Apr. 2022: Magdalena Nowicka: Ukrainian Refugees and the Challenges of Reception and Integration in Germany and Europe

Teal book cover with the text Antisemitism on Social Media

April 2022: Antisemitism on Social Media

Checkerboard with Jewish and Muslim representation

Dec. 2021: Jews and Muslims in Dubai, Berlin, and Warsaw: Interactions, Peacebuilding Initiatives, and Improbable Encounters

Blue background with the text Brandeis CGES in white

Nov. 2021: “… But we will be back after the war!” - Deportations from Hamburg 1941

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Oct. 2021: Western Jihadism: A Thirty Year History

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Oct. 2021: The Problems of Genocide: Permanent Security and the Language of Transgression

German parliament building with German flag in front

Oct. 2021: Beyond Indianthusiasm: Transatlantic Indigeneity

Back of a police officer in a crowd

Oct. 2021: Politics of (Un-)Breathing: Policing Blackness in Europe

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April 2021: Moving from Racism to Anti-Racism in Germany and the US

German parliament building with German flag in front

April 2021: Deplatforming Hate

Picture of three speakers hosting a Zoom webinar

March 2021: Auf Deutsch: Die Gesellschaft der Anderen - Ein Gespräch mit Jana Hensel und Naika Foroutan

Picture of two speakers hosting a Zoom webinar

Nov. 2020: German Writers and Race: Modern Germany's Cognitive Dissonance on Racism and its Roots in Karl May's Legacy

Photo of two speakers on Zoom hosting a webinar

Oct. 2020: Suspicious Spiral: Autofiction and Black German Subjectivity in Olivia Wenzel’s 1000 Serpentinen Angst

Photo of Sabine von Mering from the shoulders up, hosting a webinar

Oct. 2020: German Writers and Race: Karl May and His Legacy

German parliament building with German flag in foreground

Sept. 2020: Monuments to History: How the US and Germany Document Their Past, and the Impact on Present Day Race Relations

Photo of Sabine von Mering smiling hosting a zoom webinar

Sept. 2020: "At Second Glance" by Sheri Hagen: A Q&A with the Director and Ariana Cohen-Halberstam

German parliament building with a german flag in front

July 2020: Bodo v. Borries: Covering of Burdening NS-Crimes - especially the Shoah - in the "German Demo­cratic Re­pub­lic" (1949-1990)

Picture of German parliament building with a German flag in front

Aug. 2020: Monika Hübscher: Towards a Normalization of Antisemitism? Germany’s Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) on Facebook

Boat on the ocean with the text 'Boat to Europe' in red

July 2020: Rescue Missions in the Mediterranean and The Real Crises Underneath

Photo of Sabine von Mering hosting a webinar

July 2020: German Writers and Race: Anna Seghers (1900-1983)

Picture of a German police officer facing a crowd

June 2020: Racism, Police Training, and the Fight Against Domestic Violence in Germany