Center for German and European Studies

Germany for Future: Climate Protection between Advocacy, Innovation, and Policy-Making

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Mar. 2024: Sea Change: An Atlas of Islands in a Rising Ocean

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Feb. 2024: Climate in Court: How and why in 2023 the German Government lost - twice, and what happens next

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Nov. 2023: Biodiversity and Climate Change

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Nov. 2023: Climate Change, Policy, and the Populist Radical Right

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Oct. 2023: A Conversation with Rich Felgate, Director of the documentary film "FINITE"

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Oct. 2023: Nuclear Renaissance or Technology Geriatrics? Bridging the Gap between Perception and Industrial Reality

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Sept. 2023: The Amazon and its people in Brazil's new government and in international climate politics

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Sept. 2023: Conversations on Climate: The People Behind the Science

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Sept. 2023: Savoring Change: Food for Health and Sustainability

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May 2023: Business Economy and Net Zero Targets: Challenges and Promises of Decarbonized Energy Transitions

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Apr. 2023: Energy Systems: When Ocean Meets Public Transport

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Mar. 2023: Keynote by Bill McKibben

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Mar. 2023: Panel on Climate Justice

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Mar. 2023: Beginning to End the Climate Crisis. A History of Our Future.

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Mar. 2023: Plan D: Moving to Germany as the Final Dutch Climate Adaption Strategy

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Mar. 2023: Transatlantic Climate Conversation #1: Climate Change and Business: Sustainable Alliances and Sustainable Operations

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Mar. 2023: Beyond Hope and Doubt: Thoughts on Resistance in the Climate Crisis

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Nov. 2022: Saving the World With Art

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Oct. 2022: From Knowledge to Action: About the Psychology of the Climate Crisis

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Oct. 2022: A Very Brief History of Sustainability

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Sept. 2022: How We End Our Fatal Dependence on Fossil Gas from Russia or Anywhere

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April 2022: Climate Smart Municipalities, Cultivating a Culture of Sustainability through City-to-City Exchange between Germany and the US

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Feb. 2022: The Threat and Temptations of Russian Energy Chains: A Conversation with Margarita Balmaceda

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Dec. 2021: Fighting for a Livable Future: The Climate Movement in Germany, Europe, and the Americas – New Scholarship

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Nov. 2021: Good Food for All - Towards Sustainable Food Systems in Germany and the US

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Nov. 2021: Germany's Climate Agenda and the Role of Carbon Direct Removal (CDR)

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Nov. 2021: Defending the Planet: Climate Litigation

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Oct. 2021: The Climate and Biodiversity Crisis in Africa’s Savanna

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Apr. 2021: Could Veganism Cool the Planet?

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Feb. 2021: Rethinking the Future of Academic Travel: Opportunities for Social Justice and the Climate

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Nov. 2020: Climate Warriors

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Sept. 2021: Awesome... or Rather Awful? - Elon Musk and His German Gigafactory

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Oct. 2020: Gathering around the Wreckage: Oliver Ressler on Climate Activism in Europe

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Sept. 2020: Getting on Track Again: Why Electric Cars are not the Solution

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June 2020: Climate 'Champion' Germany Invests in Climate-hostile Fossil Gas

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May 2020: The Climate Crisis: What We Know About It and How We Can Stop Further Warming