Authors in Conversation

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May 2024: Of Conscience and Courage: Remembering the Poet Hilde Domin

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Apr. 2024: Author Christopher Kloeble and his Book 'The Museum of the World'

Book cover for Arthur and Lilly

Nov. 2023: Arthur and Lilly. The Girl and the Holocaust Survivor

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Feb. 2023: Authors in Conversation with Dmitrij Kapitelman and Askold Melnyczuk

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Sept. 2022: Authors in Conversation: Mithu Sanyal and Alta L. Price

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March 2022: Authors in Conversation: Emma Braslavsky And Agnieszka Pilat

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Feb. 2022: Maike Wetzel and Adrian Figueroa: Proll!

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Oct. 2021: Authors in Conversation: Rachael Cerrotti and Julie Lindahl

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Oct. 2021: Authors in Conversation with Ulla Lenze and Marshall Yarbrough

Book cover for High as waters with doves on the front

Apr. 2021: Earth Day with Anja Kampmann and Amy Brady, Authors in Conversation IX

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April 2021: Authors in Conversation: Anja Kampmann and Amy Brady

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March 2021: Authors in Conversation: Melissa Eddy and Alexander Osang

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March 2021: New Short Films from Germany

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March 2021: "Masel Tov Cocktail": A Conversation with Filmmaker Arkadij Khaet

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Oct. 2020: A Success Story? Germany 30 Years After Reunification

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Sept. 2020: Authors in Conversation: Cornelia Funke and Kerstin Zilm

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Aug. 2020: Authors in Conversation IV: Nora Krug and Katja Petrowskaja

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June 2020: Art in the Time of Uprisings: with Sasha Marianna Salzmann & Rebecca Ajnwojner, Guy Ben-Aharon & Ireon Roach

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June 2020: Authors in Conversation with Elisabeth Otto and Theresia Enzensberger