Center for German and European Studies

Re-imagining Germany: Contemporary Politics, Literature, Culture and Philosophy

Book cover in teals and oranges of Politicizing Islam in Austria

Mar. 2024: Politicizing Islam in Austria

3 speakers with a background of a German and US flag

Mar. 2024: The State of Democracy in Germany and the US

Yellow traffic sign with 'sanctuary city ahead' text

Mar. 2024: Cities in Crisis Mode? Migration, Solidarity, and Citizenship in the United States and Europe

Picture of 2 speakers on a blue background with a mic in the middle

Mar. 2024: Reporting on Ukraine During War: The View Two Years On

Collage of images from Ukraine

Feb. 2024: Ukraine and its European Partners after two Years of War

Outline of Germany and picture of Lukas Hermsmeier

Dec. 2023: How Germany Became Mean

Puzzle piece with the design of the polish flag

Nov. 2023: Post-Populism in practice. What is next for Poland?

book cover for feminine foreign policy

Sept. 2023: What is a Feminist Foreign Policy and why do we need it?

Traffic light with the German eagle in the background

April 2023: Curb Your (Green) Enthusiasm

Migrants of the Mediterranean logo

March 2023: Migrants of the Mediterranean – Humanitarian Storytelling

Black and white photo of Luise Pusch holding a banana to her head

Feb. 2023: Writing Against the Silence in Post-War Germany. A Lesbian Coming-of-Age-Story

A few coins scattered with scrabble letters spelling 'Inflation'

Jan. 2023: What Does Inflation Teach Us? Lessons from Germany and the US

Brandeis CGES logo in white text on blue background

April 2022: Ukrainian Refugees and the Challenges of Reception and Integration in Germany and Europe

Book cover for Paul Jankowski's book

Mar. 2022: How the world falls apart: Paul Jankowski discusses his book All against All

Map of Europe with Russia and EU flags symbolized as dice

Mar. 2022: Contextualizing the Ukraine Crisis

Picture of Sabine von Mering talking hosting the webinar

March 2022: Ukraine and Germany: Partnership in Times of Crisis

Green background with cartoon people without faces in black and white

Dec. 2022: True Cost Economy: a Conversation with Young German Entrepreneur and Climate Activist Johanna Kriegel

Picture of a traffic light with the German eagle in the background

Dec. 2021: A New Chancellor and a "Traffic Light" Coalition in Germany

EU flag and Polish flag next to each other in a crowd outdoors

Nov. 2021: Is Polexit Next? Democracy, Poland, and the EU

Headshot of Jytte Klausen looking at the camera

Oct. 2021: Professor Jytte Klausen: Western Jihadism: A Thirty Year History, Oct 26, 2021

Inside of an opera hall with the lights dimmed

Apr. 2021: When Shall We Sing Again? Opera Houses in Germany and the US in the Pandemic

German flag in the background with a white cutout in the middle of the country of Germany

Apr. 2021: Green Politics in Germany 2021

Woman throwing her mask to the wind

Mar. 2021: How Pandemics End: Perspectives from Germany and the US

Picture of the insurrection with people in front of the Capitol building

Feb. 2021: Democracy in Danger with Susan Neiman and Daniel Ziblatt

Woman holding the flag of Belarus in a crowd

Feb. 2021: Voices from Belarus: The Pro-Democracy Movement, Political Repression and International Implications

2 chess pieces painted as the British flag and the EU flag

Nov. 2020: The Brexit Negotiations

Picture of President Zelensky speaking

Nov. 2020: Ukraine: Between the Impeachment and Coronavirus Crises

Political sign to vote yes

Oct. 2020: Coalition Building and Ranked Choice Voting: Why Are They More Democratic? A Transatlantic Conversation

Teacher pointing for a student both with masks

Aug. 2020: Teaching With and After Covid-19 in Germany

Covid molecule on a football pitch

June 2020: The Games Must Go On: How the Corona Pandemic is Changing the European Football Industry

Picture of German government building with a German flag waving in front

June 2020: Torben Lütjen: America’s Cold Civil War - A European Perspective on America’s Extreme Polarization

EU flag with covid caution tape across it

May 2020: Covid 19 and the Challenge to Democracy

Paper boat with a german flag floating in a paper sea

May 2020: The Economic Consequences of Covid 19 in Germany