Barry Snider

Barry SniderCharles A. Breskin Professor of Organic Chemistry

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Curriculum Vitae (PDF)


Columbia University, Postdoc
Harvard University, PhD
University of Michigan, BSc Chem


Development of new synthetic methods. Mechanisms of synthetically important reactions. Total synthesis of natural products.

I work on the development of new methods for the construction of highly functionalized organic molecules and the synthesis of natural products, which often have useful drug-like activity but are often not available in sufficient quantity from the plants and animals that produce them. A large number of the drugs currently in use, including the statins, most antibiotics and many cancer drugs are either natural products or derived from them. Thus this chemistry is closely related to work that is done in the pharmaceutical industry.

Selected Publications

  • Zhou, Q.; Snider, B. B. "Synthesis of Phantasmidine" Org. Lett. 2011, 13, 526–529.
  • Yu, M.; Snider B. B. “Syntheses of Chloroisosulochrin and Isosulochrin and Biomimetic Elaboration to Maldoxin, Maldoxone, Dihydromaldoxin, and Dechlorodihydromaldoxin” Org. Lett. 201113, 4224-4227. 
  • Lin, H.-Y.; Causey, R.; Garcia, G. E.; Snider, B. B. “Synthesis of (±)-7-Hydroxylycopodine”  J. Org. Chem. 201276, 7136-7149. 
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  •  Snider, B.B. “Manganese(III) Acetate Mediated Cyclizations” in Manganese Catalysis in Organic Synthesis Sortais, J.-B., Ed: Wiley-VCH; Weinheim, 2021, pp 293-323.