Department of Chemistry

Graduate Student Resources

Chemistry Department Graduate Student Handbook

The Chemistry graduate student handbook is available for download as a pdf file.

Chemistry Graduate Student Representatives

The Chemistry graduate student representatives for the 2023-2024 school year are Nicole Kopetz ( and Anant Bhasin ( As GSRs, Nicole and Anant act as student liaisons between Chemistry graduate students and faculty.

Brandeis Science Communications Lab

The graduate student and postdoc Communication Fellows in the Brandeis Science Communications Lab offer individual coaching, targeted workshops, and a range of initiatives to support the Brandeis scientific community with the skills they need to communicate the rationale, process and results of their incredible science to any audience in written, spoken or visual form.

Quantitative Biology Program

The Quantitative Biology Program (QB) at Brandeis University is an interdisciplinary program for science PhD students. The program's goal is to prepare the next generation of scientists working at the interface of the physical and biomedical sciences.

Gerstenzang Grad Student Lounge

The Gerstenzang grad student lounge offers a quiet place to study and work on the main floor of the Gerstenzang science library. There is a small kitchen and several Macintosh computers available to use. 

Leave of Absence

Sometimes it is necessary for a graduate student to request a health leave of absence, personal leave of absence, pregnancy accommodation, or parental relief. The procedures for requesting a leave can be found on the GSAS website.