Graduate Student Groups

Brandeis Queer Grad Student Union

This LGBTQ+ graduate group came together to provide a space to support queer graduate students from all three of Brandeis's graduate schools (the Heller School, the International Business School and the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences). They meet every other week to talk about events and to socialize with other people who understand what systemic things they struggle with as scholars who are queer.

Diverse Brandeis Scholars (DBS)

The Diverse Brandeis Scholars group is a collection of underrepresented minority students in the graduate science programs at Brandeis who came together to address issues uniquely faced by minority students in higher education. Their goal is to promote diversity within Brandeis’s programs.

Career Development for the Sciences (CDS)

The Career Development for the Sciences is a student led group dedicated to creating training, support, and informational programming about career development for students across all departments of the Division of Science at Brandeis University.

Graduate Science Social Committee (GSSC)

The purpose of the Graduate Science Social Committee is to bring science graduate students together from across the Division of Science. They host non-academic events to provide a space for students to socialize and build interpersonal networks.

Women in Science Initiative (WiSI)

The Women in Science Initiative is a community of graduate students, postdocs, and staff of every gender that is fostering the success of women in STEM fields. They host several events per semester that encourage members of every department in the sciences to interact and address issues surrounding graduate education and careers in STEM.