Student Groups & Support

Brandeis supports graduate students by offering a variety of on-campus resources and student groups.  Examples of student groups in the sciences include WISI (the Women in Science Initiative), CDS (Career Development in the Sciences), DBS (Diverse Brandeis Scholars) and GSSC (the Graduate Science Social Committee).  You can find many more student organizations on Brandeis’s Presence App. Students can take advantage of the services on campus for supporting their professional development as well as their social, emotional and academic well-being.

Also included here is information on how to report concerns about a student or issues related to discrimination, harassment and sexual violence.

Student-led organizations and representatives in the Sciences:

Please note that we are highlighting the following resources because they were started by students in the Sciences; you can find many more student organizations on the Presence App.  For more information on these resources, please contact the Division of Science Graduate Affairs Office:

Graduate Student Program Representatives

The role of the Grad Reps in different programs is to advocate for students’ needs to faculty in a program and to make program improvements and recommendations. 

GSCC - Graduate Science Social Committee

GSSC - The purpose of the Graduate Science Social Committee is to bring science graduate students together from across the Division of Science. We host non-academic events to provide a space for students to socialize and build interpersonal networks. While the university hosts academic events such as journal clubs and seminars, these events are not platforms for students to meet and connect. Our events focus on helping incoming PhD students adjust to graduate school and bringing together current students from across different disciplines.

Diverse Brandeis Scholars

The Diverse Brandeis Scholars (DBS) group is a collection of underrepresented minority students in the graduate science programs at Brandeis who came together to address issues uniquely faced by minority students in higher education. Our goal is to promote diversity within our programs by supporting recruitment efforts, including conference attendance and outreach, and retention of students in the form of workshops, invited seminar speakers, and a supportive community within the underrepresented students. We work alongside faculty and administration to address where our programs could better serve the interests and ultimate success of students.

Career Development for the Sciences

The CDS is a student led group dedicated to creating training, support, and informational programming about career development for students across all departments of the Division of Science at Brandeis University. We are able to provide insight into different career options by inviting many outside speakers ranging from biotech, government and academia to converse and teach our students about new and exciting careers! We are always looking to increase our diversity and get new ideas!

Women in Science Initiative

The Women in Science Initiative (WiSI) is a community of graduate students, postdocs, and staff of every gender that is fostering the success of women in STEM fields.

We host several events per semester that encourage members of every department in the sciences to interact and address issues surrounding graduate education and careers in STEM. The topics addressed are not limited to issues affecting women, but rather are issues that all graduate students in STEM face.

Division of Science Resources

Science Communications Lab

The graduate student and postdoc Communication Fellows in the Science Communications Lab offer individual coaching, targeted workshops, and a range of initiatives to support the Brandeis scientific community with the skills they need to communicate the rationale, process and results of their incredible science to any audience in written, spoken or visual form.

University Resources

Graduate Student Association

The GSA provides a platform for all 2,000+ graduate students to raise issues and concerns. We represent graduate student interests and serve as a link to the faculty and administration. We pride ourselves in supplying excellent student programming by organizing events and activities that enhance graduate student life. We assist and support graduate student organizations, as well as select graduate student representatives to serve on various university committees and boards. We keep graduate students abreast of relevant and essential university on-goings and disseminate information as necessary.

Emotional Support Resources (Confidential)

Brandeis Counseling Center

The Brandeis Counseling Center (BCC) provides counseling for students in times of stress, and encourages them to ask for help with their most immediate concerns. Counseling is available to all students regardless of whether they have Brandeis health insurance or outside insurance.

PARC (Prevention, Advocacy and Resource Center)

Provides education, empowerment and support related to sexual assault, sexual harassment, dating/domestic violence and stalking.  The Prevention, Advocacy & Resource Center (PARC) is a confidential, student-centered resource serving all members of the Brandeis community who have been impacted by violence. We offer a variety of ways to engage with us focused on both prevention of and response to violence.

Ombuds Office

The Ombuds staff remains available virtually as a confidential, independent, impartial, and informal resource for all members of the Brandeis community including undergraduates and graduate students, faculty, staff, and alumni.  In our role as ombuds, we support the dignity, well-being and safety of each person who visits us by providing a safe space to talk confidentially and off the record about difficult situations and offer conflict resolution support.


Brandeis chaplains offer counseling, support and community to students of all faiths. The chaplains oversee on-campus worship and student religious life while also offering community support in times of joy and crisis. 

Reporting Resources (Non-Confidential)

The Office of Equal Opportunity (OEO)

This office is responsible for addressing all issues of discrimination, harassment and sexual violence within the Brandeis community.  If you have experienced an incident related to these issues, you can report this through their report page on their website either anonymously or by giving your contact information.

Report It Webpage

If you have concerns about the well-being of a student or other concerns, you can use Brandeis’s Report It page, where there are a number of different reports available depending on the nature of the concern (e.g. sexual misconduct, mental health, harassment, etc).  

Social Support Resources

Intercultural Center (ICC)

The center is dedicated to creating a haven of respect, education and celebration that aims to develop critical consciousness and awareness of the myriad cultures of Brandeis University. It also works to foster a welcoming community where diverse experiences and perspectives are valued and dedication to the understanding of cultures and ethnicities is essential. Clubs-Brandeis African Students Organization , Brandeis Asian American Student Association, Brandeis Korean Student Association, Brandeis Latinx Students Organization and many more.

Gender and Sexuality Center(GSC)

The Gender and Sexuality Center provides support, resources and an affirming space for LGBTQIA+ students, staff and faculty at Brandeis University. Through education, community building and programming for the entire university community, all are encouraged to participate in creating and maintaining an inclusive environment. Clubs- BQGSU, TRISK, Transdeis.

Career Resources

The Center for Career & Professional Development (CCPD)

Supports graduate students by providing one-on-one specialized appointments to grad students; assisting in researching possible career paths; creating application materials; to providing mock interview sessions; and assistance with salary negotiation.  We connect students with prospective employers and GSAS alumni through information sessions, career fairs and webinars.

Academic Resources

Student Accessibility Office

If you are a student with a disability, you will be able to access support and accommodations through Student Accessibility Support. Our team will make it easy for you to tap into the rich network of resources, advising, tutoring and programming that are available to all Brandeis students. 

English Language Program (ELP)

We offer individual tutorial sessions in written and oral skills to both undergraduate and graduate students in the arts and sciences and intensive English classes to Graduate School of Arts and Sciences students.

International Student Resources

International Students and Scholars Office (ISSO)

The International Students and Scholars Office (ISSO) supports Brandeis international students and scholars from more than 116 countries around the globe. The ISSO is dedicated to supporting international students and scholars throughout their time spent in the Brandeis community.