Graduate Department Representatives

Derrek Joyce '18

photograph of Derrek

Derrek is one of the second year MA students here at Brandeis. As a Hellenist, he primarily focuses on ancient Greek language and archaeology, and during his time here has narrowed his scope to Aegean Bronze Age archaeology and Linear B studies. If students have any questions about really anything, he is more than happy to chat. Outside of academics, he has dedicated (maybe too much) headspace to a variety of topics from food and drink to various fandoms. He can usually be found hanging out in the department, but if he's not there, he obsessively checks his email.

Matthew Previto MA’19

photograph of Matthew

Matt is a second year MA student in Classics at Brandeis University. His main interest is classical archaeology and focuses  on the creation and development of Roman provincial culture under the Empire. Right now he is working on a thesis project examining the civilian settlements that sprung up next to Roman frontier forts and their role as points of contact between intersecting agencies, identities, and asymmetrical power relationships. When he is not working, Matt enjoys relaxing with friends and talking about movies, books and sports, particularly football and baseball. 

Katherine Riggs MA’19

Katherine Riggs stands looking out at a mountainous

Katie is a second year student here at Brandeis. Her main focus is classical archaeology, with special interest in intercultural connectivity in the Mediterranean and change in material culture. She has dig experience in both upstate New York and Tel Dor, in Israel. Should anyone need Katie, they can poke around the department, as she's probably there to disturb a professor. She most likely has her headphones in, so just poke her on the shoulder or wave coffee under her nose to get her attention. She's happy to help with anything big or small, from questions about classes to debating about Star Wars.