Our Trainees

Trainees appointed in 2021 (July)

Marissa Ashton

Pathways engaged by histone PTMs in response to DNA damage

  • Primary advisor: James Haber
  • Secondary advisor: Mike Marr
Sam Bates

Transcriptional induction by sensory stimuli in C. elegans thermosensory neurons

  • Primary advisor: Piali Sengupta
  • Secondary advisor: Sebastian Kadener
Thomas Cottle

Degradation of mitochondrial AAA+ unfoldase substrates

  • Primary advisor: Julia Kardon
  • Secondary advisor: Mike Marr
Nayara Karoline Ferreira

Optimizing the generation of single-stranded DNA templates for studying DNA repair in S. cerevisiae

  • Primary advisor: James Haber
  • Secondary advisor: Paul Garrity
Emma McGuirk

Regulation of branched actin network dynamics in neurons

  • Primary advisor: Bruce Goode
  • Secondary advisor: Avital Rodal
Anne Silveira

Coordination of membrane and cytoskeleton remodeling at neuronal synapses

  • Primary advisor: Avital Rodal
  • Secondary advisor: Bruce Goode