Tomberg Research Funds: Guidelines for 2018-19

Tomberg Research Funds: Guidelines for 2018-19

1.    Each tenure-track assistant professor who does not have Brandeis laboratory startup/research funds will have access to $4000 in research and travel funds for 2018- 2019. Research funds will be available for each year of the appointment as an assistant professor. Faculty who are on leave are eligible.

2.    Activities to be supported by this fund include: research travel, travel to conferences, computers/software, Widener card, books, course development materials, and research assistants. Other categories of expense should be approved in advance. For payments to outside vendors, please forward the invoice to, along with a Brandeis specific W-9 Form ( for the vendor. All reimbursements to yourself (for travel or other miscellaneous purchases) should be submitted through Marketplace+. Once in the system, under “Expense Category” choose A&S Dean’s Tomberg Fund. Proceed to enter expenses, attach receipts and submit. The Dean’s Office will receive an email instructing them to enter the unet id/chartstring/account code and approve.

3.    Computers: We recommend that laptops be purchased through Brandeis LTS, which will make recommendations for purchase and configure the machines with Brandeis software. The computers will be Brandeis University property reserved for your exclusive use.

4.    Outside Consultants: For payments to outside vendors, please forward the invoice to, along with a Brandeis University W-9/Vendor Certification form, where you can find by clicking the following link: Please do NOT pay consultants directly yourself and then try to get reimbursed – Brandeis must track the amounts paid to consultants for IRS reporting. If the consultant will be paid $600 or more, the following forms are also required:

Independent Consultant Agreement
Consultant Requisition Form
5.    Funds must be expended during the fiscal year ending June 30, 2019 and may not be carried forward.

6.    Annual Report for Stewardship purposes. The Development Office may contact you for more information about your project, if needed.

7.    Faculty may not apply for additional travel funds but may apply for Norman grants and other Brandeis funding opportunities.

Link to all forms: