Transparency and Accountability

The CDO will work to make DEI work as transparent as possible (within the boundaries of reason, law and propriety). The following are a part of this goal: 

  • ODEI has hired a graduate student to work with the Office of Communications and the Office of Institutional Research on the creation of an ODEI website that will prominently host a Brandeis Diversity Dashboard. This online resource will provide the campus and wider world transparent information about the actual composition, successes and areas for growth for our university. Broader admissions and enrollment data can be found on OPIR’s website: 

  • The institution’s financial support for university-wide diversity, equity and inclusion staff, initiatives, grants and projects has been substantial. In FY 2017, Brandeis added over $380,000 toward the acquisition of faculty and staff and operating expenses for ODEI. When included with existing resources that were redirected from other areas of the campus, Brandeis has contributed above $1.3 million towards DEI support. New funding includes: a) target of opportunity hires, b) hiring the CDO and c) creating an operating account for the Division of DEI. Currently embedded resources include: a) increases in staff for the counseling center, b) hiring the Heller ADDI, c) teaching and innovation fund support and d) diversity-related financial aid.