Please see below for a list of Graduate Department Representatives. Visit our GDR Job Description page for an explanation of this role.

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Division of Creative Arts

Program Graduate Student Representative
Music Composition and Theory (MA, MFA, PhD) Ali Puskulcu
Musicology (MA, MFA, PhD) Alexandra Burkot
Studio Art (Postbaccalaureate) OPEN

Division of Humanities

Program Graduate Student Representative
Ancient Greek & Roman Studies (Classical Studies) (MA) Riley Borst, Tyler Lecours
English (MA, PhD) Anik Chartrand, Jessi Brewer, Julia Baier
Near Eastern and Judaic Studies (MA, PhD) Tamar Aizenberg
Philosophy (MA) Chelsea Choi, Stewart Huang
Teaching Chinese (MA) Scarlett Li

Division of Science

Program Graduate Student Representative
Biochemistry and Biophysics (MS, PhD) Neerja Garikipati, Trent Quist
Biotechnology (MS, Dual MS/MBA in Biotechnology) Nicholas Greco
Chemistry (MA, MS, PhD) Nicole Kopetz, Emily Ziperman
Computational Linguistics (MS) Brynna Kilcline, Jialin (Selena) Song
Computer Science (MS, PhD) Alex LuuAlex RomerKay Smith
Mathematics (MA, PhD, Postbaccalaureate) Sarah Dennis, Tony Guo, Josh PerlmutterKamryn Spinelli
Molecular and Cell Biology (MS, PhD) Marissa Ashton, Sayan Biswas
Neuroscience (MS, PhD) Hannah Germaine, Dan Leman
Psychology (MA, PhD) Tong Lin, Ashley Gilliam
Physics (MS, PhD) Olivia Leland, Ian Murphy

Division of Social Sciences

Program Graduate Student Representative
Anthropology (MA, PhD)
Teacher Leadership Program (MA; Advanced Graduate Study) OPEN
History (MA, PhD) Rafi Abrahams, Alex Szabo
Hornstein: Jewish Professional Leadership (MA) Annie Fortnow, Sivan Gopen
Politics (MA, PhD) OPEN
Sociology (PhD) Sanchita Dasgupta, sneha gantla
Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies (MA) Ayla Cordell, jessie neal