Please see below for a list of Graduate Department Representatives. Visit our GDR Job Description page for an explanation of this role.

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Division of Creative Arts

Program Graduate Student Representative
Music Composition and Theory (MA, MFA, PhD) Brandon Qi
Musicology (MA, MFA, PhD) Anna Valcour
Studio Art (Postbaccalaureate) Brianna Howard

Division of Humanities

Program Graduate Student Representative
Ancient Greek & Roman Studies (Classical Studies) (MA) Spencer McDaniel
English (MA, PhD) Hannah Bradley, Rachel Dale, Sarina Schwartz
Near Eastern and Judaic Studies (MA, PhD) Carl Weinstein
Philosophy (MA) Ian Withy-Berry, Olivia Zhang
Teaching Chinese (MA) Haifeng Xu

Division of Science

Program Graduate Student Representative
Biochemistry and Biophysics (MS, PhD) Neerja Garikipati, Trent Quist
Biotechnology (MS, Dual MS/MBA) Nicholas GrecoFabian Guirales
Chemistry (MA, MS, PhD) Anant Bhasin, Nicole Kopetz
Computational Linguistics (MS) Brynna KilclineKasey La
Computer Science (MS, PhD) Irene GuoChester Palen-Michel
Mathematics (MA, PhD, Postbaccalaureate) Sarah DennisJosh Perlmutter, Tudor Popescu
Molecular and Cell Biology (MS, PhD) Sayan Biswas, Ashley Dodge
Neuroscience (MS, PhD) Hannah Germaine, Jamie Stonemetz
Psychology (MA, PhD) Tong Lin, Ashley Gilliam
Physics (MS, PhD) Maya Mancini, Ian Murphy

Division of Social Sciences

Program Graduate Student Representative
Anthropology (MA, PhD)
Teacher Leadership Program (MEd; Advanced Graduate Study) OPEN
History (MA, PhD) Elizabeth Simms, Joseph Weisberg
Hornstein: Jewish Professional Leadership (MA) Nicole Chermak, Eliana Koehler
Politics (MA, PhD) Nathanial Walker
Sociology (PhD) Lauren Crosser, Stephanie Garlow
Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies (MA) Ayla CordellHope Lockwood