Health: Science, Society, and Policy Program

FAQs on Performing Research with HSSP Faculty

How can I do research with an HSSP professor?

Because HSSP is such a diverse and interdisciplinary program, our professors pursue many different kinds of research. Research includes performing genetics and neuroscience research (in labs); studying health policy generation and its effects (often using large secondary datasets); conducting ethnographic research around the world; and forming partnerships to do community-based research in the Boston area.

There are two ways you can perform research with HSSP faculty:

Additional Considerations

To be well-prepared for either such option, plan ahead. It may take you some time to find a professor to work with and/or to develop a research project. You may want to start at least one semester in advance. Furthermore, if you have not already done so, you should consider taking a research methods course that will prepare you to join a research team doing the kind of work that most interests you. Some faculty will only accept RAs who have already completed such a course. If you are an HSSP BA, there are research methods courses for which you can receive HSSP credit as a "Free Elective". Additionally, there are even more research methods courses offered across the university.

Our UDRs and Your Peers

Reach out to brainstorm with your HSSP Undergraduate Departmental Representatives (UDRs) and talk to other HSSP majors as well. They may be able to offer useful advice or information.

To learn more about research being done by HSSP professors, see visit the HSSP Faculty page.