Meet the Committee

SHAC Coordinator

The SHAC coordinator develops the foundation of SHAC, and constantly finds ways to improve and maintain it; organizes meetings; and recruits and hires new members.


Ilana Stein '22

Ilana SteinMajor: Health: Science, Society and Policy

Minors: Legal Studies and Social Justice Social Policy

I am thrilled to be serving as the coordinator for the Student Health Advisory Committee. I am currently a sophomore at Brandeis, earning a B.A in Health: Science, Society and Policy. A lot of the knowledge I have gained from my course work thus far contributes to my general understanding of important concepts relating to student health concerns. Through my involvement with SHAC, I work closely with the Medical Center and the Commitee members so that we can inform the Brandeis student population on available resources, as well as any information relating to personal health concerns. I look forward to working side by side with individuals who care about empowering and educating the student body.

SHAC Ambassadors

Leading members of the SHAC team that assist the coordinator in spearheading projects, and planning health and wellness events.

Priya Iyengar '21

Priya IyengarMajor: Health: Science, Society and Policy (on the pre-med track)

Being a part of the committee has given me an amazing opportunity to actively make change around health and wellness topics on our very own campus, while learning about the broader field of public health. In addition to being a part of SHAC, I am a research technician at the Marder Lab, a Brandeis Beacon, e-board member for the Brandeis pre-health society, and I am also involved with multiple dance teams on campus.

Xinrui Song '20

Xinrui SongMajors: Biochemistry and Computer Science

I love the necessity of the information we spread as a committee. The committee is a platform where changes take place. We hope to bring changes to our own community, and the process also changes how I understand public health. Outside of SHAC, I am a Gateway Scholar and an undergraduate researcher at the Herzfeld lab in the chemistry department.

Xinyu Zhang '20

Xinyu ZhangMajors: Neuroscience and Health: Science, Society and Policy

I am really happy to be a part of SHAC. I have always been passionate about health and want to help improve students' health at Brandeis. Outside of SHAC, I am a member of BEMCo and an undergraduate researcher at the DiZio lab.

Health Center Communication and Outreach

This team is focused on the effective distribution of health relevant information pertaining to the student body, via social media, in the health center and across campus.

Charlotte Gurny ’21

Charlotte GurnyMajor: Health: Science, Society and Policy

Minors: Social Justice Social Policy

I am excited to be apart of the Health Communications and Outreach Committee! I am a junior majoring in HSSP and minoring in social justice and legal studies. I plan on pursuing a career in nursing. SHAC provides me with the opportunity to work on health initiatives on campus and promote wellness. I am passionate about health care and preventative treatment.  

Jackie Kostenko ’21

Jackie KostenkoMajors: Health: Science, Society and Policy; Biology

Minor: Hispanic Studies

I’m extremely excited to be part of SHAC! This group gives me the opportunity to spread awareness about health and wellness, and make changes to our community that many may not think of. Outside of SHAC, I’m part of the Pre-Dental society and write for the Hoot.

Spencer Cramer ’22

Spencer CramerMajors: Health: Science, Society and Policy; Politics

I’m a sophomore here at Brandeis, and will potentially be studying biology or HSSP along with doing premed. I’m from Rochester, New York, and love sports, politics and science. My goals for SHAC are to help Brandeis be a healthier place all around.

Jonathan Salomon ’22

Jonathan SalomanMajors: Biology and History

I am a second year at Brandeis, and I am absolutely thrilled to be a part of the SHAC team. I'm excited to work with my peers on new health initiatives to improve the well being of Brandeis students! Outside of SHAC, I am on the Mock Trial team here at Brandeis.

Lydia Sawyer ’21

Lydia SawyerMajor: Chemical Biology

I am very excited to participate in a committee that aims to improve the health on campus through student-led initiatives. Outside of SHAC, I am a member of BEMCo, and play the violin in the orchestra and other small ensembles.

Gabrielle Ruvinsky ’22

Gabrielle RuvinskyMajors: Health: Science, Society and Policy; Latin American and Latino Studies

My name is Gabrielle Ruvinsky and I’m super excited to be a part of SHAC and make a difference on campus. I am excited to be part of an organization that is for students and by students in order to improve public health at Brandeis. I am a second year from New Jersey majoring in HSSP and LALS. Outside of SHAC, I am on e-board for the Brandeis LatinX Student Organization (BLSO), a member of BEMCo, and volunteer in Waltham Group. I also love ice hockey (Go NJ Devils!) and I’m a phlebotomist and EKG technician.

Robert Sher ’22

Robert SherMajors: Health: Science, Society and Policy and Biology

I am extremely excited to be part of SHAC. Community health is essential to the success of students and faculty on campus. I am so happy to be promoting proactive self care and reinforcing a culture of healthy students. Along with SHAC, I am involved with the virtual reality club, prosthesis club and basketball club. I am a first generation student and looking to do great things.

Niha Putta '21

Niha PuttaMajors: Health: Science, Society and Policy and Biology

I’m so excited to be a part of SHAC! As a part of this committee, I look forward to addressing community health topics in our college campus through a policy perspective and help students access any health and wellness resources they may need. In addition to being a part of SHAC, I am an e-board member of the Society for Asian Scientists and Engineers (SASE) and a Biology UDR.

Administration and Policy Development Team

This team works with campus administrators to review and improve policies that affect student well-being.


Han Kang ’22

Han KangMajors: Neuroscience and Biology

In an environment driven by quantitative measures of success, I want to improve students' lives in a qualitative sense. I am motivated by my own successes and want to spread that success to others. In addition to SHAC, I am a skipper in the Sail Club and a coordinator for the Waltham Group program General Tutoring.

Hannah Stein ’22

Hannah SteinMajors: Health: Science, Society and Policy and Biology

Hello, I’m Hannah Stein. I am a second year student at Brandeis, double majoring in biology and HSSP. I was very excited to join SHAC and become involved in public health on campus. I am looking forward to helping bridge the gap between students and healthcare administration and make sure that students are receiving the care they need. I’m very interested in nutrition and other healthcare areas, and I’m currently on a pre-PA track. I’m also currently in the process of completing my EMT certification. Outside of SHAC, I’m on the women’s ultimate frisbee team, involved in greek life, and a volunteer with Waltham Group. I look forward to future semesters working with SHAC.

Ruyi Cai ’22

Ruyi CaiMajor: Computer Science

I'm a sophomore studying computer science. I'm also very interested in environmental studies and HSSP. I like music and I play the piano in my spare time. I'm passionate about finding problems in our community and make some improvements.

Student Body Representatives

This team provides representation for specific populations on campus.

John Rodrigues ’21

Minority Student Rep

John RodriguesMajor: Health: Science, Society and Policy

Minors: Legal Studies; African and African American Studies; Social Justice and Social Policy

 The Student Health Advisory Committee is a program that is needed on all college campuses. As a part of this committee, I am excited to start initiatives on campus to promote overall health, and provide students with skills that they can use now and after college, while also incorporating the importance of education and awareness of your health status and resources. Outside of SHAC, I am a part of the Student Leadership Board for the Student Support Services Program.

Soee (Stephanie) You ’22

Soee YouMajors: Biology and Neuroscience (pre-med track)

Being a part of this committee helped me to realize what students can do around the campus to better the facility and the faculty systems. Public health is a broad topic which people are usually unaware of. This committee is dedicated to alter that and to truly advocate for students on campus. We are eventually the bridge between the students and the faculty members. In addition to being a part of SHAC, I am also a member of the pre-health society group and the Brandeis-Wellesley Orchestra.

Sofia Gonzalez ’23

Sofia GonzalezInternational Rep

As a part of SHAC, I hope to help international students become more aware of the resources available to them on campus. Being from a different country, I understand how hard it can be to take advantage of these resources. However, health (both physical and mental) should always be a priority, so it's important that everyone on campus knows how to get support if they need it! In addition to being a member of SHAC, I work as a media lab technician in a Biology lab, volunteer as a chatter for Admissions, write and edit for The Justice, and help staff members improve their English speaking skills. In my free time I like to dance, hike, and hang out with friends.

Helen Lin ’23

Helen LinFirst Year Student Rep

Majors: Computer Science and Film, Television and Interactive Media

Hello! I'm a freshman hoping to study computer science and film. In my free time, I enjoy making origami and writing stories. I'm super excited to be a member of SHAC this year and I look forward to creating initiatives that will increase awareness about student health and wellness at Brandeis. Outside of SHAC, I volunteer with Waltham Group and I row.

Talia Gerard ’20

Talia GerardMajor: Health: Science, Society and Policy

Minor: Social Justice Social Policy

I am studying HSSP with a minor in SJSP. I decided to become a part of SHAC because during my time at Brandeis I felt that I was unaware of the majority of  the things available to me at the healthcenter. I really like SHAC because it helps to educate the student body on medical treatments they are entitled to. I am the Community Outreach chair for FIMRC, on the Relay for Life Committee,  a host for admissions and a volunteer for the blood drive.

Ruixuan (Echo) Xiao ’22

Echo XiaoMajor: Biology and Neuroscience

Super excited to join SHAC as the new Gateway Health Center Liaison! Its a very rewarding experience to me every time I am able to give suggestions and help people around me on health-related issues. I hope my involvement in SHAC can help promote individual awareness of health and make the most out of our health center. Outside of SHAC, I love food, K-pop music, and fluffy animals.