Meet the Committee

SHAC Coordinator

The SHAC coordinator develops the foundation of SHAC, and constantly finds ways to improve and maintain it; organizes meetings; and recruits and hires new members.


Yvonna Roderick '19

Majors: Psychology, HSSP;  Minor: Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies

Yvonna RoderickThis committee is what gets me through my week. Knowing there is a need on campus, and that there are students, faculty and staff that want to help meet that need and make that change by my side, is heart warming;  it motivates me to make this committee the best it can be! Aside from SHAC, I am a Waltham Group coordinator for the Hunger and Homelessness program and a Student Support Services mentor to first year, low income, first generation undergraduate students.

SHAC Ambassadors

Leading members of the SHAC team that assist the coordinator in spearheading projects, and planning health and wellness events.

Priya Iyengar '21

Priya IyengarMajors: Neuroscience and Health: Science, Society and Policy (on the pre-med track)

Being a part of the committee has given me an amazing opportunity to actively make change around health and wellness topics on our very own campus, while learning about the broader field of public health. In addition to being a part of SHAC, I am a research technician at the Marder Lab, a Brandeis Beacon, e-board member for the Brandeis pre-health society, and I am also involved with multiple dance teams on campus.

Xinrui Song '20

Xinrui SongMajor: Biochemistry

I love the necessity of the information we spread as a committee. The committee is a platform where changes take place. We hope to bring changes to our own community, and the process also changes how I understand public health. Outside of SHAC, I am a Gateway Scholar and an undergraduate researcher at the Herzfeld lab in the chemistry department.

Health Center Communication and Outreach

This team is focused on the effective distribution of health relevant information pertaining to the student body, via social media, in the health center and across campus.

Danni Cao

Dannie CaoHi everyone, my name is Danni Cao. I am a sophomore majoring in biology and minoring in HSSP and computer science. I am hoping to pursue a career in the medical field. And I like my dog. She is a Sheba Inu!

Jackie Kostenko

Jackie KostenkoI’m extremely excited to be part of SHAC! This group gives me the opportunity to spread awareness about health and wellness, and make changes to our community that many may not think of. Outside of SHAC, I’m part of the Pre-Dental society and write for the Hoot.

Leah Naraine

Major: Biology (Pre-med track)

Leah NaraineIn my pursuit of an organization on campus that had the outlook of helping others and bettering the community through their health, I found SHAC. The opportunity to reach members of my community that need aid in bettering themselves and becoming aware of campus resources is something that I am excited and passionate about. In addition, I hope that through the work that I will do as part of this committee I can open doors and start more conversations about the changes that need to take place on campus for advancements in healthcare and the wellness of students in the Brandeis community just like myself. Aside from being a part of SHAC, I am a POSSE STEM Scholar, an e-board member of the Women of Color Association (WOCA) and part of the Minority Association for Pre-health Students (MAPS).

Michelle Yan

Michelle YanMajors: Neuroscience and Health: Science, Society and Policy

This committee inspires me to think outside of the box and work alongside my peers to enact meaningful changes on campus. I hope to improve awareness about health and wellness resources, as well as developing initiatives targeting students' physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. Outside of SHAC, I am a community advisor for first-years and a Kay Fellow in H

Spencer Cramer

Spencer CramerI’m a freshman here at Brandeis, and will potentially be studying biology or HSSP along with doing premed. I’m from Rochester, New York, and love sports, politics and science. My goals for SHAC are to help Brandeis be a healthier place all around.

Jonathan Salomon

Jonathan SalomanI am a first year at Brandeis, and I am absolutely thrilled to be a part of the SHAC team. I'm excited to work with my peers on new health initiatives to improve the well being of Brandeis students! Outside of SHAC, I am on the Mock Trial team here at Brandeis.

Lydia Sawyer

Lydia SawyerI am very excited to participate in a committee that aims to improve the health on campus through student-led initiatives. Outside of SHAC, I am a member of BEMCo, and play the violin in the orchestra and other small ensembles.

Robert Sher

Robert SherI am extremely excited to be part of SHAC. Community health is essential to the success of students and faculty on campus. I am so happy to be promoting proactive self care and reinforcing a culture of healthy students. Along with SHAC, I am involved with the virtual reality club, prosthesis club and basketball club. I am a first generation student and looking to do great things.

Xinyu Zhang

Xinyu ZhangMajors: Neuroscience and HSSP

I am really happy to be a part of SHAC. I have always been passionate about health and want to help improve students' health at Brandeis. Outside of SHAC, I am a member of BEMCo and an undergraduate researcher at the DiZio lab.

Policy Development Team

This team works with campus administrators to review and improve policies that affect student well-being.


Han Kang

Han KangIn an environment driven by quantitative measures of success, I want to improve students' lives in a qualitative sense. I am motivated by my own successes and want to spread that success to others. In addition to SHAC, I am a skipper in the Sail Club and a coordinator for the Waltham Group program General Tutoring.

Amanda Zhuoya Zhang

Amanda ZhangHi! I am Zhuoya Amanda. I am a junior studying HSSP, economics and German studies. I am very interested in life sciences and nutrition. I'm passionate about exploring the world, meeting new people, and living a happy and fulfilling life. I love being in nature, doing yoga, outdoor sports, wasting my time reading in coffee shops, and finding cool restaurants. I am always open to new things, and I really want to be a citizen of the world, living and working in different places in the future.

Student Body Representatives

This team provides representation for specific populations on campus.

Yuezhu Chen

International Student Rep

Yuezhu ChenIntended Majors: Economics and History; Minors: IGS and Philosophy

Joining SHAC provides me a great opportunity to get a closer look at the physical and mental well being of Brandeis students. Besides being a member of SHAC, I am a member of Brandeis Academic Debate And Speech Society (BADASS).

John Rodrigues

Minority Student Rep

John RodriguesMajors: Health: Science, Society and Policy; Minor: Business

The Student Health Advisory Committee is a program that is needed on all college campuses. As a part of this committee, I am excited to start initiatives on campus to promote overall health, and provide students with skills that they can use now and after college, while also incorporating the importance of education and awareness of your health status and resources. Outside of SHAC, I am a part of the Student Leadership Board for the Student Support Services Program.

Soee (Stephanie) You

First Year Student Rep

Soee YouMajor: Biology, Neuroscience (pre-med track)

Being a part of this committee helped me to realize what students can do around the campus to better the facility and the faculty systems. Public health is a broad topic which people are usually unaware of. This committee is dedicated to alter that and to truly advocate for students on campus. We are eventually the bridge between the students and the faculty members. In addition to being a part of SHAC, I am also a member of the pre-health society group and the Brandeis-Wellesley Orchestra.