Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use the Health Center?

All students, regardless of insurance status, who are currently enrolled full- and 3/4-time may be seen at the Health Center and/or Brandeis Counseling Center.

Do graduate students have access to the Brandeis Health Center and the Brandeis Counseling Center?

Yes, all graduate students can access services at the Health Center and the Brandeis Counseling Center. All students will be able to access the Brandeis Health Center whether they have their own private insurance or have purchased the Brandeis University Student Health Insurance Plan . Students with the SHP can choose to use the Health Center for in-network health care services or they may opt to use another provider. SHP enrolled students do not need a referral to see outside providers.

What services does the Health Center offer?

Services include convenient, high quality access to board certified MDs, NPs and an RN for:

Do I need an appointment or can I walk into the Health Center for services?

The Health Center is open Monday through Friday, from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. when school is in session. For preventive services such as a physical or reproductive health visit, please call 781-736-3677 to schedule an appointment. Please call early if you have a limited schedule to assure a convenient time can be arranged. If you are ill or have an injury, you can schedule an appointment online through through the secure patient portal. Walk-in services for vaccinations, simple urinary tract infections, and emergency contraception are available from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. and 1 to 4 p.m.

Can I speak with a provider when the Health Center is closed?

If you have a concern that cannot wait until the next business day please call the on-call clinician at 781-239-1948.

What if I think I need to see a specialist or go to an Urgent Care Center?

You can always be seen at the Health Center for evaluation. If you need urgent care or emergency services we will assist you in accessing the best level of care for your needs. 

If you need a specialist, the Health Center keeps a list of local and/or Boston-based providers. If you do not have the Student Health Plan we recommend that you check with your insurance to confirm that you are using an in-network provider. Our nurse often assists students in making appointments when needed.

Why doesn't the Health Center provide notes for student absences?

The Brandeis Health Center does not routinely provide notes for students who miss class due to injury or illness.

Students with serious medical conditions that last longer than a few days or who are hospitalized will need to contact the Office of Academic Affairs (781-736-3470) for advice on managing their academic obligations and their health conditions. In these serious situations, Academic Affairs can facilitate communication and medical accommodations. The Health Center, with written consent from the student, can validate conditions and care plans as needed. 


What if my problem is an emergency?

In cases of an on-campus emergency, call 781-736-3333. Public Safety will send an officer and the Brandeis Emergency Medical Corps (BEMCo) to assist you.

In cases of an off-campus emergency, call 911.

You may also go to local urgent care or emergency providers.

Insurance and Billing

Do I have to bring money or my insurance card when I visit the Health Center?

Students will need to bring their insurance cards with them when they access services and let us know if there are changes in your insurance status during the year. Students with the School Health Plan do not need to bring their card with them as we have that insurance information already. There will not be a co-pay charge collected at the visit, as it is covered by your student fees.

How will insurance billing work in the Health Center?

All visits are billed to your reported insurance. Co-pays will be paid for you by the school so you do not need to bring cash to see a provider. At this time there are no individual bills sent out for uncovered costs. As Massachusetts requires all students to have a plan that provides coverage in the area they are attending school we may contact you regarding some suggestions for broadening your coverage.

Will the implementation of an insurance billing system affect student privacy?

Your privacy and confidentiality is a top priority. A student should inform their provider at the time of their visit if they have concerns about the privacy of their care and what those concerns are. Our goal is to advocate for systems that ensure consumer privacy and confidentiality. It is important to note that when outside providers are used (for labs, pharmacy services, or specialty off-campus services) they will bill their services to your insurance independently from us. These providers will send out bills and the insurance will make notifications as per their policies.


Will my parents/spouse/partner or professors ever be told about why I went to the Health Center?

No. Information is not shared with anyone — staff, faculty, family or friends — if you are over 18 years of age, without your permission. Massachusetts law protects medical information regarding sexual health for students under 18, as well.

Brandeis Counseling Center (BCC)

How will insurance billing work in the BCC?

The BCC submits insurance claims for all services rendered. Students simply present their health insurance cards at every appointment, just as they do when accessing care at home. All on-campus counseling services are provided with no out-of-pocket or direct costs passed along to students.

How do I make an appointment at the BCC?

To schedule a first appointment at the BCC, students should go to the second floor of the Mailman House, Monday through Friday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. To schedule a non-urgent appointment after hours, students may call 781-736-3730.

Does the BCC provide counseling in specialized areas?

Yes. The BCC has a diverse staff of trained and experienced therapists with a range of specialties, including anxiety, depression, trauma and sexual violence, eating disorders, alcohol and drug abuse, and addiction, among other areas.

Prevention, Advocacy, and Resource Center (PARC)

Where is PARC located?

The Prevention, Advocacy, and Resource Center (PARC) is located in Usdan, adjacent to Levin Ballroom. This location is both easily accessible yet discreet.

Sexual Health Issues

Can I get gynecological care at the Health Center?

Yes, gynecological visits at the Health Center may be for routine care or for problems. Students are seen for annual visits, problems with menstrual cycles, yeast infections, sexually transmitted infections, contraceptive needs and other concerns. Please call 781-836-3677 to schedule an appointment.

Can I get birth control and sexual infection testing at the Health Center?

Yes, call or come by for an appointment. You will have to tell the receptionist (confidential) the reason for your visit so you can be scheduled with an available  provider to meet your health needs. We prescribe contraception. Emergency contraception is also available. We provide counseling, testing, and treatment for STIs. See our Reproductive and Sexual health services webpage for more info.

At my friend’s school, they give her birth control pills to her. Why doesn't that happen here?

The Health Center is not licensed as a pharmacy or dispensary. We do not accept samples from drug companies. We do provide students with prescriptions that they can fill at a local pharmacy. Students can also have their prescriptions delivered to the health center for convenient pick up.


I am applying to study abroad/peace corps. What do I do with the health forms?

Please call the Health Center at 781-736-3677 to schedule a physical and/or travel visit. Please let the receptionist know your destination and expected travel dates.

International Travel Services


Are vaccinations available at the Health Center? What’s the cost?

Yes. Many vaccinations are available at the Health Center. We assist students with completing the vaccination series that are required for matriculation. We also offer vaccines for reproductive health and travel such as Gardasil (protects against HPV) and  Hepatitis A vaccinations. Flu vaccines are available annually. Vaccinations will be billed to your insurance.