Dan Lange

Dan LangeOn dreaming big and working as a Jewish professional

Feeling like he wasn't making a meaningful impact in his work, Dan Lange, MA/MBA’13 left the film industry to work in the Jewish community.

“My first full-time job in the Jewish community was as youth director at Temple Isaiah in Lafayette, CA. [From the beginning] I was excited and energized by my work. I looked forward to going in each day. And most importantly — I was able to see in clear, tangible ways how I was contributing to society and making a direct impact in peoples’ lives.”

Today he is associate director of North American Camping at the Union for Reform Judaism. Dan’s first experiences as a 7-year-old at Jewish summer camp were “challenging,” he admits. “But I turned a corner and found my way.” 

Camp “helps teach young people to be independent,” he says. While there are many different types of Jewish summer camps, there is a real effort in the Jewish camping field “to be inclusive and open, and to create meaningful opportunities for every child.”

Dan Lange MA/MBA'13 with colleagues at KutzDan Lange posed with colleagues this summer at Kutz Camp in Warwick, NY.

“I love Jewish camping; I think it is extremely powerful and engaging; and I believe strongly in its power. While my job now is primarily connected to camping, by no means would I say that I only see myself as a ‘camp professional.’ Quite the contrary — I am a Jewish professional who does work focused on engaging and retaining young Jews through a variety of methods of which camp just happens to be one of the best.”

Dan has three items hung on the wall in his office, and “by far the most meaningful” is Bernie Reisman’s Jewish Communal Professional’s Code of Ethics. “It is so simple,” says Dan, “its focus on Jewish values reminds me daily of how I want to conduct myself in my role as a Jewish professional leader.

In His Own Words: An Interview with Dan Lange

“It is the lessons learned in courses with Hornstein professors that I apply to my work on a daily basis. ”

Dan Lange, MA/MBA’13