Steven Huberman

On spreading the Hornstein legacy of caring and competence

Steven Huberman Ph.D.'79Steven Huberman, PhD'79

Dr. Steven Huberman and Frieda Hershman Huberman came to Brandeis University and the Hornstein Program in 1974 after having met in Israel. Both Dr. Huberman and Frieda are natives of Philadelphia, though they did not know each other while there, and both share a dedication to the Jewish community, Jewish life, education and tikkun olam — pursuits that are evident in their life and life's work.

Frieda obtained her Master of Arts from Hornstein in 1976. Dr. Huberman continued to pursue his doctorate at what was then the Florence Heller School.

“In those years, the Hornstein doctoral program was a collaboration between Hornstein, NEJS and the Heller School and so I had to take the whole gambit of courses at Hornstein, NEJS and the doctoral program scheme, nonprofit management and organizational behavior at the Heller School,” recalls Dr. Huberman. “It took about four or five years.”

He completed this “Hornstein doctoral program” and got a Brandeis PhD. Upon graduation, Dr. Huberman went on to take the position of assistant director of planning at Combined Jewish Philanthropies of Greater Boston, where several of his superiors, including Dr. Bernard Olshansky who was CEO, were also Heller graduates.

Frieda and Steven Huberman on their wedding anniversaryFrieda and Steven Huberman on their wedding anniversary.

Dr. Huberman spent the next two decades working in the Jewish Federations until 1997. In 2006 he became the founding dean of the Graduate School of Social Work at Touro College, the “crowning achievement,” he told The Times of Israel, of his four decades of work in the Jewish community.

"The Graduate School of Social Work at Touro is permeated by the legacy given to me at the Hornstein Program by Bernie Reisman and other Hornstein faculty, "says Dr. Huberman. “That legacy primarily consists of what I call the two C's: caring and competence. Our graduate school is steeped in these two wonderful attributes of family and the highest academic standards, and that's the Hornstein legacy Frieda and I came away with and which we share.”

In his own words: An interview with Dr. Huberman

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“I believe that every person is in this world for a reason and it's to help others in some way. Sometimes we don't know what God's plan is for us, but there IS a plan.”

Steven Huberman, PhD'79