Teaching and Learning in Jewish Day Schools

The Teaching and Learning in Jewish Day Schools book project emerged from the 2018 Inside Jewish Day Schools conference and brings together 14 scholarly chapters that examine what we know about teaching and learning in Jewish day schools.

  • Chapter 1 - Intro
  • Chapter 2 - Connected but not Confident: The Gender Confidence Gap Regarding Israeli Politics and History, Ilana M. Horwitz
  • Chapter 3 - Understanding attitudes of Jewish day school students: A new typology of Jewish engagement, Janet Krasner Aronson and Raquel Magidin de Kramer
  • Chapter 4 - Sometimes Seen: The Experience of Latinx Students in Jewish Day Schools, Erik Ludwig
  • Chapter 5 - Three Conceptions of Rabbinics: Understanding Teachers’ Thinking, Joshua S. Ladon
  • Chapter 6 - Four Approaches to the Instruction of Halakha, Yaakov Jaffe
  • Chapter 7 - Engaging Preteens in Text-Based Discussion of Classical Hebrew Sources, Rebecca Shargel
  • Chapter 8 - Ruth Charney Meets the Rabbis: The Impact of DeLeT on Teachers’ Classroom Community-Building Practice, Sharon Feiman-Nemser and Shira Horowitz
  • Chapter 9 - The Room Where It Happens: Whole Class Discussion and the Theory of Intercomprehending, Ziva Hassenfeld
  • Chapter 10 - What do parents want from Hebrew studies in Jewish day school education?, Sharon Avni
  • Chapter 11 - Learning the Language of Zionism, Sivan Zakai
  • Chapter 12 - Knowledge and Connection as Outcomes of Israel Education, Jonah Hassenfeld
  • Chapter 13 - Designing Schools Around Five Dimensions of Community, Shira Hammerman
  • Chapter 14 - Orienting Students to Engage with Pluralism: A Cultural Approach, Susan L. Shevitz
  • Chapter 15 - Signature Pedagogy and Constituent Authenticity: A new model of authentic activity in Jewish day school classrooms, Moshe Krakowski