Spring 2023

The members of Jomion & the Uklos perform onstage

Jomion and the Uklos: Reimagining Benin's Vòdún Heritage

March 13 – 18, 2023

At the crossroads of Benin’s traditional Vodoun (Voodoo) rhythms, Caribbean styles and jazz, Jomion & the Uklos make festive, colorful music. These three blood-brothers from the coastal West African city of Cotonou amaze audiences at home and abroad with their furious rhythms and mystical harmonies. They joyfully flirt with reggae, salsa and jazz, while drawing on their vast knowledge of traditional Vodoun music and culture to create vibrant, relaxed dance music. Their voices blend in melodious harmony, delivering messages of hope, faith and traditional wisdom. Their music is simultaneously complex, profound and simple. Their songs connect to the depths of human experience while lightening the heart with joy.