Continuation Request

Federal regulations require that all protocols approved by the fully convened institutional review board be re-reviewed at intervals not greater than one year from the date of the original review. 

Note that exempt and expedited research does not require the submission of continuation requests except under special circumstances. 

The date of expiration of your approval is listed on the approval letter you received from the IRB office. A continuation of approval is required if you are continuing to recruit subjects and/or plan to continue data collection. 

Note that if your IRB approval lapses — that is, if your continuation request has not been approved prior to the expiration of your current approval — you must suspend work on your research until your request has been approved. If you continue to recruit subjects, collect data or analyze data before your request has been approved, you will be out of compliance.

To request a continuation of your current approval, complete and submit a Continuation Request form to the HRPP office. This form must be submitted at least 30 days in advance of your current approval's expiration to ensure your approval does not lapse.