Unless your research involves conducting secondary data analysis only, you will most likely be recruiting subjects to participate in your research.

The recruitment materials you plan to use (e.g., flyers, postings online, emails, letters) must be included in your IRB protocol to be reviewed by the HRPP/IRB. Below are some guidelines to consider when assembling your recruitment materials. (Note that in no way may materials be construed as coercive or misleading, or include exculpatory language.)

Recruitment materials should include:

  • The name of the principal investigator or group conducting the research.

  • The name of the institution (Brandeis University).

  • The word "research."

  • Purpose of the research, in brief.

  • Eligibility criteria, in brief.

  • Expectation of subjects, in brief.

  • Time commitment.

  • Location of the research (if not online).

  • A list of significant risks, if any.

  • A contact name with phone number/email address.

  • If including compensation information, you may list the amount; the terms "up to" or "at least"; the range of amounts; and/or the schedule of potential payments.

  • Note that compensation amounts cannot be highlighted in any way (e.g., bolding, enlarging, underlining, use of a contrasting color).