Human Research Protection Program

Collaborative Research Agreements

When Brandeis University investigators collaborate with non-Brandeis US investigators, the Brandeis IRB will often enter into a reliance agreement with either the collaborating investigator’s institution, or with the outside collaborator themselves (depending on the collaborator’s institutional affiliation).

If the collaborator comes from an institution with a Federalwide Assurance (FWA – which generally means they have an IRB), Brandeis will often enter into an IRB Authorization Agreement (IAA) with the outside institution, which allows one institution with a FWA to rely on another institution's FWA. This means that one of the institutions' IRB will be the IRB of record, while the other institution cedes the IRB review to the first institution.

If the collaborator comes from an institution without an FWA (or is institutionless), Brandeis will enter into an Individual Investigator Agreement (IIA) with the individual, which allows the collaborator to conduct research under Brandeis’ FWA.

IRB Authorization Agreement (IAA) Form

Individual Investigator Agreement (IIA) Form