Group Members

members of hagan group pose outside

Principal Investigator

Michael Hagan
Michael Hagan
Professor of Physics and of Quantitative Biology
781-736-2845 Abelson 350

Expertise: Application of statistical mechanics, modern computational techniques, and theory to problems in biology and condensed matter physics; assembly of viral capsids and other large protein complexes; pattern formation in collections of internally driven particles; effects of molecular chirality on large-scale structure.

Graduate Students

Lev Tsidilkovski
Graduate Student

Postdoctoral Fellows

Farzaneh Mohajerani
Farzaneh Mohajerani
Postdoctoral Fellow
Surendra (Walter) Singaram
Srendra (Walter) Singaram
Postdoctoral Fellow
Botond Tyukodi
Botond Tyukodi
Postdoctoral Fellow


Arvind Baskaran
Engagement Manager, Mu Sigma Inc., Boston

Raghunath Chelakkot
Professor of Physics, IIT Bombay

Abhijit Ghosh
Data Scientist, Holmusk, Singapore

Oren Elrad
Embedded Software Engineer, Apple Computer

Yaouen Fily
Assistant Professor of Physics, Honors College at Florida State University

Arvind Gopinath
Assistant Professor, UC Merced

Abhijeet Joshi
Postdoc at Lehigh University

Chaitanya Joshi
Post Doctoral Research Associate, Tufts University

Aleksandr Kivenson
Software Developer, Schrodinger, New York City

Guillermo R. Lázaro
Data Scientist, AIA, Barcelona, Spain

Kang Liu
Applied Data Scientist, Wolters Kluwer Health, Waltham, Massachusetts

Qing Lu

Dina Mirijanian
City Research Scientist, New York Police Department, New York City

Michael Norton
Research Assistant Professor, Pennsylvania State University

Stefan Paquay

Sudhir Pathak
Theoretical Physicist, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Matthew Perkett
Global Bioinformatics Manager, PerkinElmer, Lafayette, Colorado

Jason Perlmutter
Data Scientist, Google, New York City

Matthew Peterson
Internal Consultant, AB Initio Software

Cong Qiao
Software Engineer, Two Sigma, New York City

Gabe Redner
Senior Software Engineer, Google, Cambridge, Massachusetts

Assistant Professor, Physical Sciences, National Institute of Science Education and Research, Bhubaneswar, India

Yasheng Yang
Software Developer, Google, Cambridge, Massachusetts

Naiyin Yu, PhD'15
Operations Analyst, YES Writing