Recent Publications


Mohajerani, F; Sayer, E; Neil, C; Inlow, K; Hagan, MF, “Mechanisms of scaffold-mediated microcompartment assembly and size-control”, under review

Hagan, MF; Grason, GM, “Equilibrium mechanisms of self-limiting assembly”, under review at Rev. Mod. Phys., arXiv:2007.01927

Chelakkot, R; Hagan, MF; Mahadevan, L; Gopinath, A, “Synchronized oscillations, metachronal waves, and jammed clusters in sterically interacting active filament arrays”, under review,

Norton, MM; Grover, P; Hagan, MF; Fraden, S, “Optimal Control of Active Nematics”, under review, arXiv:2007.14837

Zhou, Z; Joshi, C.; Liu, R; Norton, MM; Lemma, LM; Dogic, Z; Hagan, MF; Fraden S; Hong, P, “Machine Learning Forecasting of Active Nematics”, under review, arXiv:2007.14837

Varghese, M; Hagan, MF; Basakaran, A, “Re-entrant Self-pumping of Confined 3D Active Fluids”, under review, arXiv:2007.09277.pdf

Miller, JM; Hall, D; Robaszewski, J; Sharma, P; Hagan, MF; Grason, GM; Dogic Z, “All twist and no bend makes raft edges splay: Spontaneous curvature of domain edges in colloidal membranes”,Sci. Adv., 6, eaba2331(2020) arXiv:1908.09966.

Duclos, G; Adkins, A; Banerjee, D; Peterson, MSE; Varghese, M; Kolvin, I; Baskaran, Ar; Pelcovits, RA; Powers, TR; Baskaran, Ap; Toschi, F; Hagan, MF; Streichan, SJ; Vitelli, V;  Beller, DA; Dogic, Z, “Topological structure and dynamics of three dimensional active nematics”, Science, 367, 1120–1124 (2020),

Lemma, LM; Norton, MM; DeCamp, SJ; Aghvami, SA; Fraden, S; Hagan, MF; Dogic, Z, "Multiscale dynamics in active nematics", under review, arXiv:2006.15184


Peterson, MSE; Hagan, MF; Baskaran, A, “Statistical properties of a tangentially driven active filament”, J. Stat. Mech. (2020) 013216,

Hagan, MF, “Driving assembly far from equilibrium” commentary for the Journal Club for Condensed Matter Physics.

Dharmavarm, S; She, B.; Lazaro, GR; Hagan, MF; Bruinsma, R, "Gaussian curvature and the budding kinetics of enveloped viruses," Plos. Comp. Biol, 15, e1006602 (2019),

Joshi, A; Putzig, E; Baskaran, A*; Hagan, MF*, “The interplay between activity and filament flexibility determines the emergent properties of active nematics”, Soft Matter, 15, 94 (2019).

Stiller, JB; Kerns, J; Pachov, D; Cho, YJ;  Otten, R; Hagan, MF; Kern D “Probing the transition state in enzyme catalysis by high-pressure NMR dynamics” Nat. Catal., 2, 726–734 (2019), link: 
see News&Views commentary:

Miller, J; Joshi, C; Sharma, P; Baskaran, A; Grason, GM; Hagan, MF; Dogic, Z, “Conformational switching of chiral colloidal rafts regulates raft-raft attractions and repulsions”, PNAS, 116, 15792–15801 (2019),

Balchunas, AJ; Cabanas, RA; Zakhary MJ; Gibaud, T; Sharma, P; Hagan MF; Fraden, S; Dogic, Z, “Equation of State of Colloidal Membranes”, Soft Matter, 15, p.6791-6802 (2019), DOI:10.1039/C9SM01054H, arXiv:1905.13227.

Wagner, C; Hagan, MF*; Baskaran, A*, “Response of active Brownian particles to boundary driving”,PRE, 100, 042610 (2019),, arXiv:1905.12706

Siavashpouri, M; Sharma, P; Fung, J; Hagan, MF; Dogic, Z, “Structure, dynamics and phase behavior of short rod inclusions dissolved in a colloidal membrane”, Soft Matter, 15, 7033-7042 (2019), https://doi-org/10.1039/C9SM01064E, arXiv:1906.06551

Zuraw-Weston, S; Wood, DA;  Torres, IK; Lee, YW;  Wang, LS;  Jiang, Z;  Lázaro, GR;  Wang, SY;  Rodal, AA;  Hagan, MF; Rotello, VR; Dinsmore; AD, “Nanoparticles Binding to Lipid Membranes: from Vesicle-Based Gels to Vesicle Inversion and Destruction”, Nanoscale, 11, 18464 (2019), https://doi-org/10.1039/C9NR06570A, arXiv:1805.04214, PMCID PMC7155749

Lázaro, GR; Dragnea, B; Hagan, MF, “Self-assembly of convex particles on spherocylindrical surfaces”, Soft Matter, 14, 5728-5740 (2018) DOI: 10.1039/C8SM00129D, link

Zeng, C; Lázaro, GR; Tsvetkova, I; Hagan, MF*; Dragnea, B*, “Defects and Chirality in the Nanoparticle-Directed Assembly of Spherocylindrical Shells of Virus Coat Proteins”, ACS Nano, 12, 5323-5332 (2018).

Lázaro, GR; Mukhopadhyay, S; Hagan, MF, “The contribution of a nucleocapsid core to viral budding”, Biophys. J. 114, 619-630.

Norton, MM; Baskaran, A; Opathalage, A; Langeslay, B; Fraden, S; Baskaran, A; Hagan, MF "Dynamics of an active nematic under topologically incommensurate confinement", Phys. Rev. E, 97, 012702 (2018).

Mohajerani F; Hagan MF “The role of the encapsulated cargo in microcompartment assembly”, Plos. Comp. Biol., 14, e1006351 (2018), link


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Perlmutter JD; Mohajerani, F; Hagan, MF. “Many-molecule encapsulation by an icosahedral shell”, eLife 5, e14078 (2016); Watch the movies.

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Through 2007

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