Public Safety Transparency

Like too many social institutions within the United States, the history of policing is stained by its complicity in perpetuating racial injustice. Over the course of its history, policing has played a direct role in the preservation of slavery, segregation, political corruption, xenophobia, the infringement of constitutional rights to free speech and peaceful assembly, and the destabilization of communities via mass incarceration. Today, instances of police brutality such as those involving George Floyd are tragic reminders of the continued ubiquity of systemic racism in our country.

These are uncomfortable truths, but truths that are nonetheless acknowledged by the Brandeis Public Safety Department.

We acknowledge the justified pain, anger, frustration, and resentment our community — particularly our Black community — is feeling. We acknowledge the fear and distrust. We acknowledge the cumulative weight of our history. We acknowledge the need to listen, empathize, and actively combat injustice within our community. We acknowledge the importance of actions over words on the path to lasting reconciliation.

From our community, we ask for two things—openness and hope. We ask for the openness to learn about and engage with your Public Safety Department as well as navigate the messiness of change alongside the men and women here at the BUPSD who are committed to the values of justice and service. We also ask for the hope that, despite the darkness of our shared history, we might find redemption in our future for the benefit of each other and those who come after us.

Chief Matthew Rushton

Department Statistics (Incident Type)

Incident Type Oct. 2021 Sept. 2021 Aug. 2021
Alcohol Violation 1 0
Assault (Not Aggravated) 0 1
Dangerous Condition (Bldg) 2
Dangerous Condition (Road) 1
Disturbance (Noise) 10 2
Off Campus Escort 17 12
On Campus Escort 12 18
Residential Fire 0 1
Harassment (email) 2 2
Harassment (in person) 1 0
Larceny (Bicycle) 2 0
Larceny (Building) 4 0
Larceny (Other) 1 0
Lockout (Admin) 47 52
Lockout (Residential) 11 36
Medical Response 46 N/A
Medical (Transport) 6 1
Medical (Other) 6 15
Medical (Police Transport) 1 2
Animal Compliant 1 0
Suspicious Activity 5 1
Broken Doors 1 5
Broken Locks 0 3
General Emergency Repair 3 3
General Non-Emergency Repair 44 33
Light Out (Repair) 0 3
Mutual Aid (PD) 5 1
Road Service (jumpstart) 0 1
Road Service (mechanical) 0 1
Accident (no injuries) 3 3
Acccident (injuries) 0 1
Traffic (disabled vehicle) 7 1
Vandalism (Motor Vehicle) 1 0
Vehicle Maintenance 7 28