Resources for Instructors

The Provost, the Dean of Arts and Sciences Office, Academic Services, and the Summer School wanted to remind you of these support services:

The Center for Teaching and Learning
As I previously emailed, the Brandeis Center for Teaching and Learning has been supporting faculty as they have moved classes to “remote learning” and online course formats. They have collected tips, advice, tactics, strategies, tools, and resources to support online learning:

Some of the pages that the CTL has put together include:

Summer Instructors and Instructors who are preparing to teach online this summer are encouraged to share strategies for fostering community within an online class. We hope that you will share your experiences.

As a reminder, you can reach out to  if you have questions about teaching in the online environment. 

Student Accessibility Support 
Student Accessibility Support (SAS) is dedicated to providing a range of supports and services for undergraduate and graduate students with disabilities. SAS strives to ensure that all students can access and participate both within classrooms and within the broader campus community. 
Most commonly this includes:

  • Engaging in an interactive process with students to create accommodation letters
  • Meeting with students to provide on-going academic supports
  • Collaborating with faculty to ensure academic accommodations are effectively implemented
  • Coordinating with other relevant offices across the Brandeis campus
  • Providing on-going development for the Brandeis community

SAS is located in Usdan (East) 130. For appointments or questions, please feel free to call SAS at 781-736-3470 or email us

Emergency Funds for Students:
Emergency funds are available for both undergraduate and graduate students. Due to the limited nature of these funds, priority is given to undergraduates and graduate students with demonstrated financial need and whose circumstances require an independent living arrangement. Brandeis is unable to support a student's family members or pay for childcare. We can help offset the costs of technology (laptop, internet) for students enrolled in summer or fall classes.

To apply for these funds, students should complete the application found here:

If you have concerns about a student's health or safety, please submit a Care Report and/or contact Public Safety at 781-736-3333.

The Care Team
In order to promote the safety and health of all Brandeis students, the Care Team evaluates and addresses student behavior that is concerning, and coordinates the resources of the university to intervene and provide necessary supports.

Example of Concerning Behavior

  • Personal safety such as expressions of violence, talk of or observed self-harm, stalking/monitoring of others or experienced by the student, significant substance abuse
  • Personal/emotional distress such as hopelessness or helplessness, changes in concentration, mood, energy, social connections, appetite, sleep, and hygiene
  • Academic distress such as significant decline in attendance at class/job/activity, unresponsiveness to faculty or peer outreach, sudden decline in academic performance
  • Other risks to the well-being of an individual student or others in the Brandeis community

If you are concerned about a student, please submit an "I Care Form" and the Care Team will work quickly to assess the options based on the information provided. You can learn more about the Care Team or submit a Care Report from their website:

Undergraduate Academic Performance Report
The Academic Performance Report allows faculty to share concerns (attendance, performance, participation) about students with academic advisors in Academic Services. Advisors will collaborate with faculty members and provide outreach and support to students as needed. Click here and scroll down to "Level of Concern" - level Low and under "How to Share" there is a link to the Academic Performance Report. 

If you have immediate concerns about a student's health or safety, please submit a Care Report and/or contact Public Safety at 781-736-3333.

Academic Integrity
Resources for reporting any suspected academic dishonesty are available to faculty on the Department of Community Standards website.

Please report any suspected academic dishonesty to the Assistant Dean of Student Rights and Community Standards.  The form to report suspected academic dishonesty can be found at:

Investigate Plagiarism
To investigate suspected plagiarism, perform a search of suspected text via a search engine or use the Google Advanced Search option ( or check out tools available on your Latte page (

While we want to support students, we do not want students to use plagiarism or other methods to replace true scholarship.

Promoting Academic Integrity
You can also learn various methods of promoting academic integrity in your class at:

Issue with Ensemble Video
If you are creating and hosting videos in Ensemble, some students who are living abroad in countries with Internet access restrictions, may have issues with accessing you Ensemble videos - even if they are using a VPN (Virtual Private Network). However, we have discovered that videos copied to Google Drives are accessible overseas.

Summer Support / BUGS Tutors
The Summer School has funded many TAs/CAs for our larger undergraduate summer classes. Also, the amazing team in Academic Services has arranged some BUGS Tutors to offer tutoring this summer at no cost to students. BUGS tutors are undergraduates who have successfully completed the relevant course(s), are recommended by faculty, and have been trained by Academic Services.

Tutoring will take place virtually by appointment unless otherwise indicated so students can contact the tutor directly to schedule.

  • Bio 15b (session 1): Jennifer Okewunmi (
  • General Chemistry: Genevieve Bondaryk (
  • Organic Chemistry: Lauren Bertsch (
  • Lower-level Econ (2a, 10a, 20a, 28b): Neeti Kulkarni (
  • Upper-level Econ (80a, 82a, 83a): Chongkai Wu (
  • Psych 51 (session 1): Camryn Cohen ( tutoring hours Mon, Tues and Thurs 7-8 p.m. EST

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Summer 2020 was online

Due to COVID-19, all Brandeis Summer School classes were online for Summer 2020. There were two models of instruction 5-week synchronous "remote learning" and 10-week asynchronous online courses. We are not certain if we will be having classes on-campus this summer, but will update students as soon as we know.