Aparna Baskaran

Aparna BaskaranAssociate Professor of Physics

Aparna Baskaran’s research interests include understanding out-of-equilibrium properties of soft materials and physics of biological systems.


PhD, University of Florida, 2006

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Sample of Recent Publications

Dynamics of Self-propelled particles under strong confinement”, Y. Fily, A. Baskaran and M. F. Hagan, Soft Matter, 10, 5609-5617 (2014).

What is the pressure of an active fluid?”, A. P. Solon, Y. Fily, A. Baskaran, M. E. Cates, Y. Kafri, M. Kardar and J. Tailleur, Nature Physics 11, 673-678 (2015) arXiv:1412.3952

Orientational order of motile defects in active nematics”, S. J. DeCamp, G. S. Redner, A. Baskaran, M. F. Hagan and Z. Dogic Nature Materials, 14, 1110-1115 (2015).

Instabilities, defects and defect ordering in an overdamped active nematic”, E. F. Putzig, G. Redner, A. Baskaran and A. Baskaran (accepted in Soft Matter).

Effect of reorientation statistics on the torque response of a self propelled particle”, B. Hancock and A. Baskaran, Phys. Rev. E 92 052143 (2015).

Emergent Self organization in active materials”, M. F. Hagan and A. Baskaran, Current Opinion in Cell Biology 38, 74-80 (2016).

Active Particles on Curved Surfaces”, Y. Fily, A. Baskaran and M. F Hagan, (submitted to PRL).

A classical nucleation theory description of active colloid assembly”, G. S. Redner, C. G. Wagner, A. Baskaran and M. F Hagan (submitted to PRL Feb 2016).