Writing Resources

Verbs for Introducing Sources and Quotations

Capturing Authorial Action

Author X ...
  • acknowledges that (blank).
  • argues that (blank).
  • agrees that (blank).
  • believes that (blank).
  • denies/does not deny (blank).
  • claims that (blank).
  • complains that (blank).
  • concedes that (blank).
  • demonstrates that (blank).
  • deplores the tendency to (blank).
  • celebrates the fact that (blank).
  • emphasizes that (blank).
  • insists that (blank).
  • observes that (blank).
  • questions whether (blank).
  • refutes the claim that (blank).
  • reminds us that (blank).
  • reports that (blank).
  • suggests that (blank).
  • urges us to (blank).

Introducing Quotations

  • X states, "(blank)."
  • As X puts it, "(blank)."
  • According to X, "(blank)."
  • X writes, "(blank)."
  • In her book/essay (blank), X maintains that "(blank)."
  • Writing in the journal (blank), X complains that "(blank)."
  • In X's view, (blank).
  • X agrees when she writes, "(blank)."
  • X disagrees when he writes, "(blank)."
  • X complicates matters further when he writes, "(blank)."

Explaining Quotations

  • Basically/Essentially, X is saying (blank).
  • In other words, X believes (blank).
  • In making this comment, X urges us to (blank).
  • X is corroborating the idea that (blank).
  • X's point is that (blank).
  • The core/gist/meaning/significance of X's argument is that (blank).