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Please note that there are a few exceptions to the external application process outlined on this page. 

DIS: there is no external application required for DIS.  You only need to complete the Brandeis On-line Application and if you are approved you receive information form DIS about how to complete their acceptance and registration forms.

CIEE: CIEE has a two step home school approval process. We will complete the "nomination" form as they come in but the "confirmation" will be completed by our office after the Brandeis Notification Deadline passes.

External Program Applications

Here is some information that will aid you in the completion of your study abroad program's application.  (Remember that you will also need to complete the Brandeis Online Study Abroad Application.)


Study Abroad program deadlines will vary by program. Students should review the programs' Web sites.

It is important that you apply to your study abroad programs well in advance of the advertised deadline. Many popular programs fill up very quickly. For example, you will need to apply to study at Oxford a full year in advance. It is a very good idea to be in contact with the administrators of the program you are interested in to ask them how full their program is at that point in time. Some programs have that enrollment information available on their Web site. 

For fall and full academic year applicants, we suggest that you apply to the study abroad program(s) of your choice before you submit the Brandeis University On-line Study Abroad Application, even if the published deadline for the program is after the Brandeis study abroad deadline. You should not wait to hear if your Brandeis application has been approved before you apply for your study abroad program.

For spring applicants, you will be turning in your external program application over the summer break.  You should submit a completed application to your approved program(s) no later than September 1.

External Program Approval Forms

Often study abroad program applications include a section or a form that requires a Brandeis study abroad advisor's signature. It is recommended that you have met with a member of the Study Abroad staff at least once before you request that these forms be filled out. You can bring the form with you to your appointment. If you have already met with a staff member, please feel free to drop these forms off in our office and we will submit it to the program. These forms will take the study abroad office at least two full business day to complete, so please plan accordingly.

Study Abroad Program Deposits

If you have applied to your study abroad program early and have been accepted but you have not yet received approval from Brandeis, you should be in touch with the staff at your program to let them know that your Brandeis application is still in process. Sometimes programs can be flexible with deposit deadlines if you make them aware of your situation.

Students are responsible for paying the program deposits and programs should put that deposit toward non-academic fees. For more information, go to the study abroad billing section.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact us.