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Massell Quad

Can you reduce energy use the most for your building and beat Village and the rest of Massell? See standings at the Dashboard. Your building is  also competing in the Green House Cup


Can you reduce energy use and beat Massell Quad?! See standings at the Dashboard

North Quad

North Quad Unplugged Photo Contest- submit photos of you energy savings steps for a chance to win great prizes. 

Charles River

Charles River has an exciting energy project going on. Every apartment is being tracked and given updates on energy use on their doors.You can see energy use by apartment in Charles River at WegoWise. ID: CharlesRiver Password:Energy. 


 Energize for Graduation and beyond! Take the Graduation Pledge.





Updates on events for other Quads will be here

Earth Hour info


Energize Brandeis! Campus Conservation Nationals 2012


We are excited to announce Energize Brandeis month,  with the news that university is making a BIG commitment to reducing energy use through the Brandeis Sustainable Energy Program. It is fitting for community members to take their part in reducing energy use too!

Building Dashboard and Campus Conservation Nationals

Using the exciting new Energy Building Dashboard- that shows real time energy use in some campus buildings we are competing in Campus Conservation Nationals against our own buildings and tracking against other schools across the US.   Everyone regardless of your building location can  make commitments to take energy saving actions, communicate with others in your building, and even check the weather.  You can share the commitments on Facebook or keep them private. Check it out today!

Energyzie Brandeis month will end with Earth Hour on March 31 where as a symbolic measure of all the energy saved the whole month full buildings will turn off lights together. 


General Campus 

Shapiro Campus Center

Village Quad

Massell Quad

The Building Dashboards were made possible through the Brandeis Sustainability Fund Smart Meters project.