Computer Power Management


Turn it Off

Help save energy by turning your computer off at night or during long periods of inactivity.

LTS has determined that this is no longer necessary to leave computers on to receive updates.

Computer Shut Off Information from LTS

Sleep is Good

To conserve energy while your computer is idle you can implement PowerManagement features- a.ka. making your computer go to "sleep".  These options may vary widely from computer to computer. LTS and a Green Computing Student Groups are also updating public computers to go to sleep or turn off when idle.

Power Management Information from LTS

Green Computing

Greening computing starts with purchasing the right products. The majority of computers and peripherals on campus are ENERGY STAR rated and EPEAT Silver or Gold. When purchasing computers outside of the typical procurement process, please make sure to ask for these ratings. 

Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT), managed by a non-profit, is the most widely adopted and most comprehensive environmental standard in the world. EPEAT evaluates the environmental impact of a product based on a range of criteria, including how recyclable it is, how much energy it uses, and how it’s designed and manufactured.  ENERGY STAR, managed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy.  It rates how energy efficient a product is and if it includes power management features.

Green computing continues  when computers and electronics are replaced. Brandeis makes sure to responsibly recycle or dispose of them. See Recycling Special Materials