Drying Rack Rental Program

It's a Breeze: Cut Down Cost and Energy

First Rented Drying RackWashing and drying clothes uses loads of energy and money. Thanks to the Brandeis Sustainability Fund, one of the 2011 projects is to implement a drying rack rental program in order to cut down on energy consumption and cost. “It's a Breeze” allows students to take out drying racks (options shown below) on a per semester basis, free of charge. Participation will also earn students points toward Green Room Certification!

Drying rack rental options:

Large Drying Rack (Tower 190 Laundry Drying Rack):Large Drying Rack

  • Indoor and outdoor freestanding dryer
  • Enough drying space for 2 machine loads, 62 feet of drying space
  • Adjustable levels to accommodate short and long items
  • Collapsible to only 20 inches x 24 inches
  • Fits into showers
  • Stainless steel coated rods
  • Length: 26 Height: 24 Width: 59.1

Small Drying Rack (Freestanding Dryer):Small Drying Rack

  • Rugged steel rod construction
  • 29' of drying space over 10 35" steel rods
  • Measures 32" x 23" x 32" high when open
  • Folds to 1" thick when closed
  • Non-skid plastic feet

The energy required to dry 1 lb. of clothes is 0.459 kilowatts/hr. A conventional load of laundry is 7 lbs. in weight, which means that 3.213 kilowatts/load are used in a typical drying cycle. Smaller loads consume more energy per pound, which means that drying racks are energy effective for smaller loads. They're also great for more delicate, hand-wash only clothing.

How to Rent

All drying racks have been rented for the Fall 2012 semester. Check back in Spring 2013 to see if we have any available to rent. You can also purchase your own drying rack at a variety of retail locations.